5 Mughlai Chicken Dishes We Can't Get Enough Of

Is there anything better than a bowl full of mutton rogan josh served with keema paratha? No, I guess. Not just this mutton curry, but there are so many scrumptious delicacies in Mughlai cuisine. Many of us don’t know that this cuisine has evolved in the medieval Indo-Persian centres of culture that belonged to the Mughal empire. It mainly follows the cooking styles of central Asian and Iranian cuisine.  

Mughlai dishes are loved so much around the globe not just because of the spices used into it but because of it being a blend of several cultures. Different Mughlai dishes have different levels of masalas and spices but it's their freshness and aroma that makes them different. Especially the Mughlai chicken dishes have lot of fans. No wonder! So, if you think that you are the biggest fan of Mughlai chicken   delicacies, why don’t test yourself. Have a look below! 

Chicken Lababdar 

This creamy, rich and lovely chicken curry needs no introduction. The word lababdar literally translates to “surrender to desire”. When paired with hot naan and hot pipping rice, this dish can take you to the foodie world.  Wanna know the recipe? Have a look below. 

Chicken Barrah 

This chicken demands a lot of patience and love while cooking and when is done, becomes an absolute delight.  Chicken Barrah becomes special when the marinade seeps into the chicken pieces and make them lip-smacking. Click Here For The Recipe.

Murgh Musallam 

This mouthwatering Mughlai chicken curry has caramelized onions as the hero. Made with onion, tomatoes and several spices, this chicken curry is a true delight. Those who know, know. Wondering about the recipe? Click Here 

Malai Kebab 

Any party is literally incomplete without kebabs. Isn’t it? Chicken malai kebabs are little drops of heaven. Made with boneless chicken pieces, these kebabs work like an amazing starter. They get ready in no time and could be the show stealer of your party. Here’s how you can make these kebabs at home. 

Bohri Style Fried Chicken 

Another potential and delicious starter dish is Bohri style fried chicken. This fried chicken was there way before KFC chicken came into existence. Made with a blend of spices, this fried chicken is something you just can’t say no to. Looking for the recipe? Look down. 

The list of Mughlai delicacies is very long but these are some of the dishes that can make us drool anytime. Have you tried all these dishes? Do let us know.