5 Most Loved Dosa and Chilla Recipes You Can’t Miss

Dosa and chilla, two popular and versatile Indian dishes, can be eaten as snacks or breakfast foods whenever a craving for anything salty strikes. Nutritionally dense and delicious, these paper-thin pancakes are a great breakfast option. The beauty of dosa and chilla lies in their adaptability – you can experiment with a variety of fillings and ingredients to suit your preferences. Here, we present five of the most loved dosa and chilla recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and add a health factor to your meals. Whether you prefer classic moong dal chilla or innovative variations, there's a recipe for everyone to enjoy. 

Moong dal chilla 

A delicious and healthy Indian pancake called moong dal chilla is made with ground moong dal (split green gramme) and a mix of spices. Due to its light, crispy texture, this easy dish is a favourite for breakfast or as a snack. It is made by soaking moong dal, grinding it into a batter, and then cooking it on a pan. The chilla can be customized with various fillings, such as vegetables, cheese, or spices, to suit individual preferences. In addition to tasting great, moong dal chilla is good for you because it is high in protein and fibre. 

Sooji Chilla 

Semolina (sooji) and other ingredients are used to make the kid-friendly chilla known as sooji chilla. Both kids and adults adore this simple and quick breakfast or snack. It is one of the instant breakfast's options available. It's made by mixing semolina with yoghurt, spices, and a wide variety of chopped veggies. The batter is put onto a hot griddle and fried until it turns a deep golden colour and is crisp all over. The mild, savoury flavour and adaptable fillings of sooji chilla make it a hit with diners of all ages, while the soft, slightly crispy texture makes it a hit with picky eaters as well. 

Besan Chilla 

A famous and healthy Indian breakfast is besan chilla, Beesan or gram flour is mixed with herbs, spices, and water to make a batter. After that, this batter is put on a hot pan and cooked until it turns golden brown. With a variety of fillings, including vegetables, cheese, or even paneer, besan chilla can be made to order and is highly versatile. People love the way it tastes salty and slightly sour, which makes it a great choice for a quick and healthy breakfast or snack. You can even mix besan with yoghurt to make the batter.  

Beetroot Dosa  

The beetroot dosa is an exciting twist on the classic South Indian breakfast. A bright crimson batter is the product of combining rice, urad dal (black gram), and beetroot. Beetroot not only improves the aesthetic value by providing a vibrant hue but also the nutritional worth by contributing iron and other vital elements. In addition to being visually beautiful, these dosas are also delicious and healthy. They are a delicious way to enjoy a traditional South Indian favourite while also reaping the health benefits of beets. 

Palak Dhaniya Dosa 

The Palak Dhaniya Dosa is a tasty variation on the traditional dosa. Spinach and coriander leaves come together to give this dosa its vivid green colour and fresh flavour. The batter is made with a nutritious and flavorful blend of rice, urad dal, spinach, and coriander. These dosas are a thin, crisp, and healthful option for a snack or any meal since they overflow with earthy and herbal flavours. Each bite of Palak Dhaniya Dosa is not only delicious but also nutritious, thanks to the addition of fresh spinach and dhaniya.