5 Modern Family-Inspired Desserts For Your Next Gathering

‘Modern Family’ is an American sitcom that has given its fans a family with dysfunctional dynamics. The characters, despite their hardships and struggles, find a way to hang on to each other. Gloria, Manny, Mitch, Cameron, Lily, Jay, Phil, Alex, Haley, Luke, and Joe are lovable and kind characters who have once fought with one another and stood together in times of need, and that’s what families are all about.

Video Credit: All Recipes/ YouTube

For your next gathering, you can bake desserts inspired by the show and its characters and play a game of who in your family would identify with the sitcom’s character. You can also call your cousins and watch the rerun of the show while enjoying the delectables inspired by it. Here are a couple of things you can try.

Flan Inspired By Gloria

In the show, Gloria is more fluid and acceptable than any other character. She always tries to keep the members together, and nothing brings a family together than a dessert like flan. It reflects her humble nature.

All you need for this are a few eggs, a pinch of salt, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract. Whisk all the ingredients together, pour the mixture into a preheated pan, and bake for at least an hour or until it becomes wobbly. Enjoy it cold.

Cake Inspired By Alex And Haley

If you have sisters like Alex and Haley who are poles apart, you can bake a cake inspired by their characters. While Haley was a fashionista and street-smart, Alex was intelligent and humble. The two have fought with each other like cats and also stood by one another like pillars.

You can bake a cake of your preferred flavour with some flour, baking soda, eggs, and cream cheese. The hard part will be to use fondant to add nerdy and cosmetic elements to decorate the cake. You can use Alex’s glasses and books, and Haley’s dresses and makeup.

Cupcake Inspired By Cameron

Cameron had the most flamboyant personality among all the other characters. He was proud to be a clown and loved to dress up as Fizbo for any important event. He was loving, caring, humble, and always joyous. 

Cupcakes inspired by him can be decorated using colourful confetti and chocolate candies. You can also get a little creative by using colourful icing to draw a clown on each cupcake. Anyone who has seen Modern Family would be able to identify the character who inspired you to make a vibrant dessert.

Cake Inspired By Phil And Claire

Over a decade, Phil and Claire portrayed a perfect couple. Married young, the two of them built a huge family and stood by each other. Even as grandparents, they worked as a team and always ensured to keep the spark alive between them. 

If your family has a couple like that whom everyone admires, you can bake a cake to honour them. Red velvet cake topped with effigy of a chocolaty couple is perfect for such occasions.

Ice Cream Cake Inspired By Manny And Luke 

The characters who have shown tremendous growth throughout 11 seasons of Modern Family are Manny and Luke. The uncle-nephew duo grew into brothers who helped each other in odd times and always stuck together through all the mad drama their families were getting into.

An ice cream impeccably defines their bond. You can use chocolate cookies, vanilla ice cream, melted butter, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar to make this delicious dessert.