5 Low-Calorie Condiments You Can Add To Your Diet
Image Credit: Condiments Image courtesy: Pixabay

With the growing trend of calorie deficit diets, the majority of the world’s population seems to be moving towards it at an unimaginable pace. However, there is a common belief amongst fitness enthusiasts that a diet must only include bland, leafy veggies and fruits to give the best results. But we believe otherwise. You don’t have to only include bland dishes consisting of raw veggies and no-spice curries. You only need to substitute your high-in sugar and calories condiments with these 5 low-calorie ones to have a lip-smacking and healthy treat.  

  1. Regular mustard 
    Flavour your mashed potatoes and sausages with regular mustard to make your meal moreish. Regular mustard only has 15 calories and less than a gram of fat which makes it an ideal condiment for all your favourite dishes. 
  2. Tabasco
    Made up of tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt, tabasco sauce is your go-to condiment if you want to have something spicy. It has nearly zero calories and can be used to season salads and sandwiches.
  3. Soy sauce
    A prime ingredient for most South-East Asian cuisines, dark soy sauce has zero percent fat and barely 10 calories. You can glaze our tofu with some dark soy sauce and sesame seeds and have a filling, protein-rich dinner.  

  4. Home-made low-calorie mayonnaise
    Whip up some eggs, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and salt to make your low-calorie mayonnaise, and no more bland dips for your favourite snacks. You can also cut some vegetable sticks to go with this mayonnaise for a healthy snack.  
  5. Ching’s Schezwan sauce
    Ditch your nutritionist and enjoy your favourite Chili Paneer and Manchurian by adding Ching’s low-calorie Schezwan sauce. One tablespoon of Schezwan sauce has approximately 20 calories and a low-fat percentage, making it a good accompaniment for most Chinese dishes and savoury pancakes.  

Incorporate these five condiments into your diet today and have healthy and tasty delicacies on your plate any time of the day.