5 Local Drinks From India You Should Try And Why
Image Credit: https://www.thegoavilla.com/

The world is on its way to becoming a global village. You may witness socio-cultural change even within 10 kilometers. And in a country like India, it's possible to witness the same within a kilometer or so too. A major part of this socio-culture change comes from lifestyle and food. You may find a distinct cuisine in one place and a completely different one just a kilometer away. The same is with local drinks too. And if you are a tripper and a traveler too, then here are five places you must visit to relish the unique local drinks.

  • Goa
    Not only beers and beaches but Goa is famous for its regional food and drinks too. The famous Goan Feni is the local liqueur of Goa available in two varieties. Generally made either from coconut or cashew apple juice, Goan Feni is every tripper’s must-have in Goa. The locals also believe that Feni cleanses the respiratory system and keeps the body warm.
  • Kerala
    If you ever visit “God’s own country”, then the famous local liqueur Hot Toddy is a must-have. Made from either rum, whiskey or brandy, Hot Toddy is a spicy delight made with cinnamon, clove and lemon. Hot Toddy to taste buds is what the splendid landscapes of Kerala are to the eyes.

  • Gujarat
    Not just the delicious dhoklas and theplas, Gujarat has its unique local drink too. Commonly known as Sosyo, the drink is a blend of grapes and apple cider vinegar. It is believed that the drink was invented to compete with the UK-based drink Vinto during the pre-independence days.
  • Tripura
    With its spectacular landscapes and rich heritage, Tripura has a lot to offer. One of them is its local drink commonly called Chuak. Made with pineapple and jackfruit, Chuak is a fruity delight consumed by the people of Tripura on special occasions.
  • Odisha
    With its vivid architectural splendors and rich culture, Odisha is a perfect destination for any traveller. Along with its extraordinary culinary culture, Odisha has a special local drink usually consumed by the tribals called Mahua. Made from Mahua flowers, the drink has a sweet and pungent flavour. The tribals also believe that the Mahua flowers have medicinal properties which make the drink more famous in various parts of the state.

These are some of the local alcoholic drinks that can put any fancy cocktail to shame. Generally processed by fermentation, these drinks have numerous health benefits too. If you have any plans of visiting these states, try these local drinks to have “happy hours”.