5 Lesser-Known Saag Pakore Recipes You Should Try This Monsoon
Image Credit: Image source: Pixabay

The monsoon is at its peak and all our heart wants is a plate of pakora with the evening tea. Indians simply just love pakora. This snack is extremely popular that now people do lots of experiments with its apart from relishing the traditional regional varieties. Leafy vegetables especially the famous saag taste amazing in pakora. A plate of spinach pakora with green chutney can make anyone's day special. There are many famous and old recipes of saag pakora like Rikwach from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. One of the lesser-known leaves used in pakora is potato leaves. Yes, for the unversed, potato leaves' pakore tastes absolutely delicious. Apart from this, August Patte pakora is also famous in certain regions. To make this dish, August flowers are used when it's the right season to get it. Leafy vegetables are loaded with nutrients and when in your favourite pakora, even kids can't say no to them. Here are 5 lesser-known saag pakora (most of these are quite popular in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and other places) that you can try this monsoon.

Nunia saag pakora

Nunia or purslane could be used in pokora very easily. Use your basic spinach pakora recipe with preferred spices and serve with pickles or tea. You can also make curry if you want it for a meal.

Sarso saag pakora

Being Indians, we have a special place for sarson in our hearts. Sarso or mustard leaves taste great in pakora. You can mix other leafy vegetables in it too for better taste.

Poi saag pakora

Poi saag or Malabar spinach used in pakora can easily become your favourite. The leaves are big compared to other saag and it's different from regular spinach.

Kusum saag pakora

Kusum or safflower has lovely yellow branched flowers. The seeds are used for extracting oil. Kusum saag is preferred for pakora and curry.

Bathua saag pakora

Bathua (chenopodium album) curry is very famous in states like Bihar. The pakora tastes great and you can have it in meals or as snacks with tea.