5 Kitchen Knives And How To Use Them
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

If cooking is an art, then knives are the tools to shape the artwork. Handling them requires skills but once you master them, you can rule the kitchen. Whether you're a chef, professional cook, or a homemaker, it's never a bad idea to know about some important knives. Different parts of the knife, like tip, blade, and handle define how it should be used. They make your job much more convenient, saves time and of course, make the dishes look wonderful. Here are 5 important kitchen knives you should know about.

Chef knives

This one is the most versatile knife you can have. Chef knives are used for chopping, slicing, mincing, and various other purposes. Its wide blade tapering upward enables it to do all tasks smoothly. It's a must-have for chefs and professional cooks and you can also have it if you're someone who loves cooking.

Utility knives

The tasks which a chef's knife can't do like chopping or slicing small vegetables are done by these. You can also do few tasks with these that are performed with paring knives like peeling. Some tasks of chef's knives could also be done by these.

Paring knives

Small and sharp, these are perfect for all the peeling, chopping, or slicing fruits and vegetables. It's super easy to handle because of the size and type of blade and comes in varieties.

Bread knives

You might be cutting your bread and other soft items with normal knives without realizing why they never did the work perfectly. For items like bread, ripped fruits and even baked items like cake, bread knives are ideal. These can slice without any risk of smashing.

Butcher knives

If you don't need heavy cleavers, then a butcher knife will do. These will make all your meat preparations a lot easy though mostly professionals and restaurants keep it. These could be used to cut any hard item other than flesh and bones of meat.