5 Kanji Recipes For A Refreshing Holi
Image Credit: Source: chilipeppermasala/Instagram

If you are still wondering about what season of the year it is, let us drop a few hints for you - the markets full of water guns and colours and halwais are hurriedly filling up trays with gujiyas and other mithais. Yes, it’s Holi! As the colours of spring are blooming already, we know it's time for us Indians to celebrate one of the most awaited and fun-filled festivals of the year. The ‘festival of colours’ is finally here and we know you are busy preparing for the same. Apart from the celebrations, if there’s anything else that excites us, it is the array of food and beverages. Gujiyas, malpuas and dahi bhalla have made their way to homes and markets already and the foodies can’t keep calm anymore. Apart from these dishes, an assortment of beverages is also worth drooling over. All things refreshing and cooling, Holi beverages are enough to leave us revitalised after the tiring celebrations. One such beverage is kanji. The south Indian variety has been a favourite across the country for ages. Do you want to relish kanji this Holi? Here are five kanji recipes you can try.

1. Kanji Vada

A typical food during Holi in many households, Kanji vada is a dish consisting of soft vadas dunked in tangy kanji. A regional favourite, this vada is all things flavourful and is enough to leave you energised the entire day.

2. Dahi Kanji

We all take refuge in curd when it comes to loading up on probiotics and staying hydrated. And there’s nothing more flavourful than this dahi kanji if you want to stay hydrated throughout the Holi celebrations.

3. Jeeraka Kanji

Filled with the delicious flavours of cumin, fenugreek and rice, jeeraka kanji is filling and wholesome. The healthy kanji is made with rice, ghee and spices. The kanji is garnished with fried onions.

4. Berry Kanji

Summers are the best time to indulge in berries, and berry kanji is sure to be bookmarked in that regard. The tart berries along with the flavourful spices create a perfect drink to be savoured during the Holi celebrations.

5. Carrot Kanji

A delicious melange of carrots and spices, carrot kanji is one of the favourites when it comes to kanji recipes. The fermented drink is enough to fill your palate with decadent flavours.