5 Jalebi Pairings That Always Manage To Tug At Our Heartstrings

Do you often find yourself craving jalebis without any rhyme or reason? Does your jaw drop in awe, each time your local Halwai doles out perfectly shaped jalebis in his kadhai from that muslin-cloth bag? Do you also have a tough time resisting your cravings each time you are standing right next to the tray full of jalebis at a party? Then obviously you are not alone, you have company in us. Jalebi, may not have Indian roots, but we have surely made it as desi as possible with our own spin to the confection. These fabulous pairings prove why our love for jalebi is not dying anytime soon.  

1. Jalebi-Rabri

Think jalebi and within 30 seconds or so you are also thinking about rabri, or a sweet concoction made with thick, condensed milk and nuts. Rabri poured over hot jalebi screams indulgence. It helps silken your crunchy jalebis, and makes every bite even more flavourful, decadent and rich  

2. Poha-Jalebi

This classic combination is Indore’s gift to the world. Poha is a mild, breakfast dish made with poha or rice flake tossed gently with oil, curry leaves, salt and pepper. It could also have a tinge of sugar, as the sugar helps keep poha moist. Indori poha is also served with crunchy sev. Another classic way to serve Indori poha is with the side of jalebi. The textures and contrast in flavours can truly make your day.

3. Jalebi-fafda

The combination is very popular in the Western part of India, especially Gujarat and Maharashtra. One of India’s longest running TV shows ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ has attested the same. Every time the lead character Jetha Laal ran pillar to post in search of his favourite jalebi-fafda, we felt the pain. For the uninitiated, fafdas are crunchy, thin crisps that are yellow in colour and savoury. It is a quite a legendary chai-time staple on its own.


4. Jalebi-Samosa

When it feels like a crime of sorts to choose between samosa or jalebi at your favourite Halwai shop, we’d say pack them both. Samosa is a deep-fried pastry, with a crunchy maida coating and spicy potato stuffing. Pairing them with crunchy, sweet and piping hot jalebis is the best way to end a perfectly indulgent evening in an Indian household.

5. Jalebi-Vanilla ice cream

 You are not new to this splendid combination. Every North Indian shaadi has vanilla ice cream and thin, crispy jalebis in the dessert counter. And since, there is something about ‘shaadis’ that instantly works up your appetite, you take them both on the same plate and the result is almost, always blissful. Are we right, or are we right?