5 Interesting Ways To Add Yogurt In kids Food
Image Credit: Yogurt for kids

Yogurt is loaded with calcium and phosphorus to promote your kid's structural integrity and bone development.

Since the yogurt is a ready-to-serve dairy product, you can add a spoonful of yogurt to your kid's food right away. These are the 5 interesting ways you can add yogurt and serve a healthy and tasty meal to your kids.

1. Yogurt with oatmeal 

Oats are fortified with iron which is an important nutrient for kids. Yogurt makes a great addition to a bowl of oatmeal too. Use a spoonful of yogurt in a  bowl of cooked oats.

2. Yogurt on pancakes and waffles

For breakfast, adding sweetened yogurt to the pancakes or waffles is a great way to add carbohydrates. Spread a thin layer of yogurt to make pancakes or waffles more nutritious. 

3. Yogurt with mashed fruits

A flavourful yogurt recipe for kids is to add it with mashed fruits. Some simple fruits that can be mixed with yogurt are mango, banana, pear, kiwi, papaya, plum, apricot and strawberry. 

All you have to do is mash one or two fruits and add yogurt to them. You don’t even have to add sugar or any syrup to it.

4. Yogurt with quinoa 

Quinoa is hard to serve kids. But yogurt is a great link to serve quinoa. Quinoa is a good source of several minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Stir a tablespoon of quinoa into a cup of yogurt to make a tasty bowl.

5. Yogurt with peanut butter

When your child is hungry, the peanut butter in yogurt gives them extra calories to keep them full. It's also a great way to serve nutritious meals to your child. 

Which version of yogurt are you going to serve to your kids?