5 Indian Diwali Party Snacks You Can Make At Home

Indians love to indulge – be it at a party, restaurant or during festivals, and we can’t do without a table full of scrumptious food. And while we love to go out and eat to our heart's content, nothing beats an intimate get-together at home with homemade food on our platter. Don't you agree? And if you are someone who loves cooking sumptuous snacks at home on a get-together, we’ve got some fantastic options for you right here!

Five Party Snacks You Can Make At Home: 

1. Seekh Kebabs 

Juicy, easy and mess-free to eat, seekh kebabs are made with finely minced meats or vegetables wrapped around skewers, cooked in a tandoor (clay oven), or the grill or oven until smoky! The smokiness of this pick and eat snack makes it a delectable one at parties when paired with a pudina chutney! 

2. Dahi Kebabs 

Soft, melt-in-mouth kebabs packed with thick yoghurt, cheese, subtle spices and crunchy onion, Dahi kebabs are perhaps one of the most popular vegetarian kebabs of all times! They are irresistibly delicious when paired with mint chutney.  

3. Aloo Chaat 

Tossed in a melange of tantalising chutneys, tamarind, and spices, aloo chaat is a mouth-watering snack that can never go wrong! Do not forget to top it up with some chaat masala and green coriander leaves. 

4. Samosa 

Perhaps the king of evening snacks, samosa is one Indian snack that is a part of all your chai rituals as well as small get-togethers and parties at home. Stuffed with a spicy potato filling and deep-fried to crispy golden, samosas can be paired with a tamarind and mint chutney.  

5. Dhokla 

This Gujarati snack has our heart! Feathery-light, fluffy and flavourful dhoklas are made with a fermented batter of gram flour (besan) and mild spices, making for a great tea-time or party snacks. Topped with green chillis, dhokla can impress just about anybody! 

Try these lovely Indian snacks at your next get-together and share the experience with us!