5 Incredible Health Benefits Of White Tea That Would Surprise You

If you are a true lover of tea, you must be aware of the four types of classic tea that are present in the brewing culture. This classic list of tea includes green tea, black tea, oolong tea and last but not the least white tea. We are sure that white tea could be a new discovery for many chai lovers out there, but it is worth your time. White tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant just like the other types of teas mentioned above. It’s among the least processed teas with the most delicate flavour. The tea gets its name due to the buds having tiny white hair on them, at the time, when they are ready to be picked. This tea is mainly harvested in Asian countries like Fujian province of China, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Thailand. White tea is also touted as one of the five tea types that are called ‘true teas’. Having said that they are laden with various antibacterial properties that can protect the body from various infection causing bacteria. Consuming this tea occasionally may also reduce the risk of cancer (due to the aid of polyphenols) and cardiovascular disorder as well. Here are 5 more reasons why white tea deserves your undivided attention.

1.    Protects From Oxidative Damage

White tea is enriched with polyphenols and antioxidant properties which fights against free radicals to protect our cells from harmful damages caused by those radicals.

2.    Good For Oral Health

The tea has good levels of flavonoids, tannins and fluorides which can be amazing for your oral hygiene. Tannins and fluorides are known for removing stubborn plaques deposited on your teeth which sometimes causes cavities. While flavonoid can help to protect against tooth decay.

3.    Assuage Inflammations

White tea is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties that can help to quell minor aches and pains in the body.

4.    Weight Management

This tea stimulates the process of metabolism, thereby, helping the body in burning the extra fat naturally. Drinking white tea daily might help you to shed some extra pounds.

5.    Immunity Booster

It is also a storehouse of antioxidant properties like catechins. Various studies show that this antibacterial and antiviral component can be effective against flu virus and bacteria.

How To Make White Tea?Ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp white tea leaves
  • 1 ½ cup water


1. In a saucepan pour water and boil it over medium heat. Once the water is boiled. Turn off the flame.

2. Add white tea leaves and stir it. Steep it for a few seconds.

3. Don’t over-steep it or it might taste bitter.

Enjoy the delicate flavours of tea with umpteen health benefits.