5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Horseradish Root You Should Know Of
Image Credit: Image Credit: winhide

Condiments provide an extra zing to our dishes and take them to the next level. But did you know that some dips have the potency to be beneficial for our health as well? Horseradish is a popular plant which is mostly used to make spicy sauce for its natural piquant flavour. It isn't valued worldwide for just being flavorful, the pungent root is also believed to be laden with medicinal value. Horseradish contains a gamut of nutrients in modest quantities, but the presence of the volatile oils in the plant are primarily responsible for the medicinal effects. The root is bestowed with a wide variety of health benefits which includes the ability to boost immunity, support weight loss, improve digestion, and even has the potential to strengthen bone health. The possible potency of this root has been known for thousands of years, and it seems that you should know some of them too.

Good For Detox

Horseradish is renowned for its cholagogue property. It is a medicinal agent that stimulates the discharge of bile from the digestive system. Thereby, flushing out all the harmful toxins.

Aid Respiratory Inflammation

It has the potential to provide relief from congested mucus and can also quell the inflammations caused by common flu. You can take a strong sniff of the plant at the first signs of cold, flu, or coughs. This method might work as an antibacterial property to ward off those symptoms.

Boost Immunity

The plant is packed with compounds like phytochemicals that may help to boost the strength of the immune system with its rich antioxidant properties.

Cleanse Urinary Tracts

According to the study published by National Library of Medicine, horseradish’s allyl isothiocyanate oil is also effective for treating Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTI).

Healthy Bones

As per USDA National Nutrient database, 100 gm of radish contains 246 mg of potassium. It is believed that dietary potassium is good for the development of bones. They can neutralize the acid load and can reduce the calcium loss. Thus, leading to a healthy and beneficial effect on bone health.

Enjoy your horseradish dip with these brimming health benefits.