5 Incredible Benefits Of Adding Carom Seeds To Your Meal
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Carom seeds or ajwain as people call them in India are a must-have in every Indian household. Most people would have a faint memory of having a carom seed water drink in their childhood when they were gripped with a sudden stomach ache. Ajwain water is a trusted remedy that Indian mothers still vouch for. 

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These seeds generally have a greenish-brown colour and also have a very pungent aroma that one can pick out from a distance. Taste-wise, these are slightly bitter and have nutty undertones. As per a report published in the journal BioMed Research in 2014, ajwain seeds have multiple health benefits such as antifungal, antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and also have anti-parasitic effects on the body. 

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Culinary Uses

In terms of flavour, carom seeds are very similar to herbs like oregano and thyme but are certainly more pungent. In India, carom seeds are added to a variety of curries and fried foods. This includes Mint Paratha, Mooli Ka Paratha, and Chawli Batate Nu Shaak. It is also popularly added to the dough of snacks like papdi and mathri. Raw carom seeds have a very bitter and strong flavour with also slight peppery undertones when it's chewed. However, as soon as carom seeds are cooked, they become subtle and less pungent as compared to their raw form. Some people also like to make Indian versions of nachos and tomato ketchup by using carom seeds effectively.

Here is a list of the top benefits of consuming carom seeds regularly for someone who is thinking of including them in their diet.

* Keeps Cholesterol Levels Under Check

As per a study published in the journal Pharmacognosy in 2017, extracts of Carom seeds at 3g/kg and 5g/kg helped in decreasing the levels of cholesterol levels in the body as well as triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein. By keeping a check on the bad cholesterol levels in the body, one can see positive changes in their cardiovascular health. It also lowers the chances of the development of any cardiovascular disorders. It is important to consider that one can only enjoy the best benefits of carom seeds upon their incessant consumption. 

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* Inflammatory Effects

A person suffering from chronic inflammation can try drinking carom seed water regularly as a natural remedy. Carom seed extracts can counter inflammation in the stomach and lower the levels of elastase which is the enzyme responsible for causing inflammation in the body. In India, ajwain seeds have been used to treat problems related to arthritis, including swelling, redness, and pain in joints for many years now. Some people like to roast these seeds and then tie them in a cloth to massage it on their pain points. 

* Cold and Cough

Carom seeds are famous for their antibacterial properties that can be used to fight against seasonal bacterial diseases. Changing season increases. A person's vulnerability to catching seasonal colds and coughs. This may hamper one’s daily routine due to chest congestion and a clogged nose that may make it difficult for a person to breathe. In this case, one can try having carom seed water or take steam of carom seed water. Carom seeds have been used to cure colds and coughs in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for years now.

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* Natural Mouth Freshener

Carom seeds have a very refreshing and pungent aroma that makes them a good fit for a mouth freshener. As these seeds also have multiple digestive benefits, one can make a simple mukhwas with the seeds along with other ingredients, such as saunf and elaichi. This mixture of simple Indian ingredients can be served after a meal is concluded. Not only will it promote digestion but also prevents bad breath which is a pretty common problem after eating a heavy meal. It is certainly better to eat a natural mouth freshener rather than store-bought mouth fresheners that are high in sugar as well as calories

* Stomach Ache

Young children are generally prone to getting infected by several stomach infections. In this case, if one is looking for a natural solution to the problem, then a quick fix can be drinking some Ajwain water. One has to simply boil some carom seeds in the water and strain the mixture. The water has to be given to the kid and within some minutes instant relief is felt. Carom seed water may also prevent problems like flatulence and bloating.