5 Healthy Korean Dishes That You Can Make At Home
Image Credit: Korean food Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Being one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Korean cuisine is mainly based on vegetables, rice, meat, and seafood. The popularity of Korean cuisine has increased virtually over the past few years through different forms of art. The popular combination of soju and fried chicken along with kimchi has taken over the internet. However, Korean cuisine is extremely diverse and beyond kimchi. We bring before you 5 healthy Korean dishes that you can try while bingeing on K-Dramas. 

  1. Soy glazed tofu salad
    If you talk about filling Korean appetizers, soy-glazed tofu salad is a go-to option. Being extremely high in proteins and low in carbs, the dish is perfect if you want to have something delicious on your diet days. You can serve the tofu with leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley to make a wholesome meal. 
  2. Noodles with black bean paste
    Korean noodles with black bean paste, traditionally known as Jajangmyeon is a rich and sumptuous dish made with udon noodles, a thick black bean sauce, diced pork/beef, and zucchini. A beloved dish of Koreans is a rich treat to devour while watching ‘Castaway on the Moon’.

  3. Soy and sesame spinach
    If you want to have some fresh and earthy at the same time, just grab some leftover spinach, soy sauce, and sesame seeds and saute them in a pan to have a hearty, healthy meal. The recipe just takes around 10 mins and is full of nutrients.
  4. Soju watermelon punch
    Give a boozy twist to your regular watermelon juice by adding soju to it. Extremely refreshing, soju watermelon punch is a flavour bomb to have while watching K-Dramas on weekends.


  • Soy milk noodle soup
    Soy milk is quite popular amongst diet-holics for being able to fit into a calorie deficit diet. Traditionally, soy milk noodle soup is served during summers with wheat noodles, a boiled egg, and some chopped veggies. You can have this soup for dinner which will keep your gut light and healthy and will satisfy your taste buds as well.

  • These Korean dishes will give you a new culinary experience and on-trend flavours if you are a fan of the K-Pop and K-Dramas. Try them out now and be no longer clueless about the taste when a new dish comes up on the TV.