5 Health Benefits White Pepper Possesses
Image Credit: White pepper (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

White pepper is something not everyone knows about. Though it comes from the same shrub as black pepper, white pepper is different from its sister spice in flavour, aroma, and benefits. Also known as Safed Mirch, white pepper is the ripe fruit of pepper wine soaked in water for approximately 15 days. Once its skin falls off, the seeds are dried and then used for culinary purposes. On the other hand, black pepper is the unripe fruit of pepper wine. It is cooked and then dried. That is why its colour is black. Here, we will talk about the myriads of benefits that white pepper possesses. But then, let’s get straight to what it has in store for you. 

White Pepper Relieves Your Pain 

Being rich in a hot substance called capsaicin, white pepper is used to make pain-relieving sprays and gels. You can even topically use white pepper on the affected area to lessen the pain resulted from sprains or spasms.

White pepper Helps in Weight Loss

Again, capsaicin is the compound that helps in weight loss. It helps in burning the body fat. As a result, you shed those extra kilos. 

White Pepper Can Provide Relief From Headache

You experience a headache when the neuropeptide transmits pain to your brain. Capsaicin present in white pepper can alleviate the pain by blocking this transmission. 

White Pepper Treats Cough

White pepper is an excellent home remedy for cough and sore throat. You can mix it with raw honey and have it. When combined, the mixture gets antibiotic properties that can generate heat and relieve cough quickly.

White Pepper Promotes Cardiovascular Health

The heat-generating property of white pepper causes sweating that helps in getting rid of excess fluids from the body, which is a risk factor for heart diseases. Notably, excessive fluid, especially around your heart, puts a lot of pressure on the organ and negatively affects its function. In addition, too much fluid in the body can also lead to breathing issues and water retention.