5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessels
Image Credit: Copper jar/ Instagram- ptal.in

Water is one of the most important elements for life to exist on this planet. Water accounts for 70% of the human body. You may be surprised to learn that our forefathers used to store water in copper vessels. And their primary goal in doing this was to protect the quality of drinking water. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye. In today’s world, where we have UV filters and RO purifiers to cleanse water, storing water in metal containers may seem archaic and unnecessary. However, multiple scientific investigations now back this age-old practice that is even mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. A natural purifying process is created by storing water in a copper jar. It can kill any germs, moulds, fungi, algae and bacteria in the water that are potentially detrimental to the body, making the water safe to drink. Furthermore, water stored in a copper jar for an extended period of time, preferably overnight or at least four hours, develops a certain quality from the copper. It is a trace mineral that is necessary for human health. Antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects have been discovered in it. It also aids in the removal of pollutants. Copper, unlike some other nutrients, cannot be synthesised by the body, so it must be obtained through diet. Another simple technique to get enough copper in your body is to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water stored in a copper pot.

Here are some benefits of drinking water from copper vessels:

1. Helps The Thyroid Gland Function Better

Copper is the most common feature among thyroid patients, according to doctors. Copper balances the thyroid gland's inconsistencies, i.e., it energises the thyroid gland so that it can function properly, but it also protects the thyroid gland from the harmful effects of too much secretion. While a lack of copper can cause thyroid gland dysfunction, too much copper can also lead to improper functioning of the gland. Hence drinking water in copper vessels helps in balancing out the copper content in our bodies.

2. Helps Prevents Cancer

Copper is an antioxidant, which means it fights free radicals and counteracts their harmful effects. In the human body, free radicals and their damaging effects have been the primary causes of cancer. Copper also aids in the creation of melanin, which provides one’s skin and eyes colour and protects them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

3. Aids Digestion

Copper has antibacterial properties that help reduce inflammation in the stomach, making it an excellent treatment for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Copper also aids in the cleansing and detoxification of your stomach, as well as the efficient functioning of your liver and kidneys, waste disposal and nutritional absorption.

4. Helps In Managing Body Weight

Copper aids weight loss by assisting in the dissolution of excess fat deposits in the human body. Even when an individual is sleeping, copper keeps the body in a fat-burning state. However, this does not mean that too much copper will burn more fat. In fact, too much copper can damage the human body. So drinking 1-2 glasses of water in copper vessels can maintain weight loss.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases

Copper can help reduce your risk of having heart disease, which is one of the most common disorders. Copper has been discovered to help control blood pressure, and heart rate, and cut harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to the American Cancer Society.