5 Green Fruits You Must Have In Your Diet

Fruits are very essential for the overall growth as they promote healthy mind and a healthy body. They are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Right from promoting better digestion to aiding weight loss, fruits can benefit the human body in so many ways without adding the unnecessary fat content.  

There are so many fruits considered essential for our body but in this piece, we will talk about green fruits that we must include in our diet. These fruits are rich in several vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Check out the list and see if you are having these fruits or not.  


Kiwi is one such fruit known for its properties of protein digestion, boosting immune system, managing blood sugar level and healthy kidney function. Besides, it can also help in getting relief from constipation, promoting healthy skin and even improving respiratory functions. This exotic fruit is something that should be a part of your diet. 


Avocados are packed with ample vitamins and minerals. Avocados contain vitamin C, E and K and could do wonders for the body when consumed the right way. They are beneficial for healthy heart and promotes better vision. Regular consumption of avocados can prevent depression and can even reduce the risk of cancer. 

Green Apples 

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. We have all heard this famous quote. You would be surprised to know the green apples are as healthy as the bright red ones. Green apples can promote weight loss, improve digestion and promote healthy hair skin. They can strengthen the bones and boost the immune system. 

Green Pear 

Pears are pretty bell-shaped fruits that are sweet in taste and fondly enjoyed. Not just this fruit is delicious, but power packed with so many health benefits. Pears promote healthy gut health and can prevent the risk of cancer to a great extent. 


Limes may not receive the same attention their yellow sibling lemon, but power packed with so many health benefits. Limes have a high content of soluble fiber which promotes digestion and keeps heart risks at bay. It provides protection against kidney stones and promotes healthy skin too. 

Did you know about these health benefits? Do let us know!