5 Fruits You Must Include In Your Diet For Strong Bones

Have you experienced that sore pain in your joints and bones? The one that you can't bear restricts your movement and hinder simple everyday activities. It’s time you pay attention to it and get to the root of it. Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones are weak and brittle; while this condition affects older adults primarily, it is also getting common amongst the young population. While it is best to consult an expert in such a condition, there are natural ways to strengthen your bones as well. Just including certain fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can help support the bones.

Here are five fruits that you must have for strong bones:

1. Strawberries

Fresh, pulpy, tarty deep red berries are a powerhouse of antioxidants that can help fight free radical damage that may cause degeneration of bones. It also hosts several nutrients such as calcium, manganese, potassium, vitamin K and vitamin C, all of which help form new bones.  

2. Papaya  

This pulpy summer fruit is incredibly rich in vitamin C that, besides boosting immunity, can also help strengthen bones and also work wonders for your skin health.

3. Apple

One fruit that you can find all year round, apples, besides being rich in vitamin C, also boasts of calcium, which ultimately is the building blocks of bones.

4. Tomato

Deep red tomatoes are versatile in various cuisines and are replete with essential nutrients, including vitamin K, calcium and lycopene that not just strengthen the bones but also repair them and improve bone mass.  

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is enriched with potassium, which is said to help neutralise the acid load, reducing the calcium loss to a great extent. Besides this, it is packed with vitamin A and calcium, which contributes to strengthening the bones.