5 Foods You Should Avoid For Breakfast

There are copious amounts of studies and research around breakfast. The first meal of the day, often dubbed as the ‘most important’ meal, breakfast has been a tricky affair for us all. Whenever we are pressed for time in the morning, we don’t think twice to delay the breakfast or skip it altogether. We may feel a slight amount of guilt later, but guilt does not compensate for the lost nutrition. You need to get your share of protein, fibre and healthy fats in your breakfast, and unfortunately, most of the items you see in your local superstore do not make the cut. Here are some popular ‘breakfast foods’ that should be avoided: 

1. Fruit Juice

Juices, especially those packaged ones purchased from stores are often replete with sugar and devoid of essential fibre. It is fibre that regulates your digestion and gives you feeling of satiety for a long time. So, try and eat whole fruits instead of juice.  

2. Breakfast Cereals

As bizarre as it may sound, but you need to be very careful of the breakfast cereals you purchase and make sure to read the labels correctly. Most breakfast cereals are loaded with refined sugar and refined grains. You can opt for a simple home-made cheela or whole wheat paratha instead. 

3. Sweetened Yogurt

If you do crave dahi in the morning, set it at home. Yogurt is a good probiotic to feed your gut, but the ones found in stores are often packed with sugar and/or added flavourings. Be sure of the brand you choose and trust.  

4. White bread

Try and avoid white bread as much as possible. It is filled with refined carbs that gets digested too quickly leaving you hungry again. You can opt for multi-grain or brown bread instead.  

5. Cookies, cakes, croissants

By now you may have figured that loading up on sugary goods is not the best strategy to kickstart the day. Sugar gives you that instant burst of energy, but it is soon followed by a crash in energy levels. 

Try and avoid these food items, choose better and stay healthy.