5 Foods To Try On Your Visit To Assam

Being one of the Seven Sister States of India, Assam has a rich food culture. It is quite distinct, unique and subtle in terms of the flavour profile. If you are someone who loves spicy food with subtle flavours, Assamese cuisine is a must-try. With a lot of indigenous spices and ingredients, Assamese cuisine is quite rustic and delicious as well. The delicious meat dishes of Assam will leave you craving for more. If you have plans to visit Assam soon, here are 5 dishes you ought to try. 

1. Maasor Tenga (tangy fish curry)

A common dish found in every other household, Maasor Tenga is a tangy and spicy fish curry usually served with rice. The fish is slow-cooked in a tomato, eggplant and lemon broth flavoured with several indigenous spices.

2. Outenga

A sweet and tangy chutney made with mashed eggplants and jaggery, outenga is every Assamese’s comfort food. Mention it in front of any Assamese and watch them become sick with home-sickness. 

3. Aloo pitika

Basically a mashed potato dish seasoned with mustard oil, raw onions, chillies and coriander leaves, aloo pitika is a perfect side dish for every meal. A simple yet flavoursome dish, aloo pitika is usually considered a peasants food.

4. Paror Mangsho (Pigeon meat curry)

Like any other common eat, Assamese cuisine has an exclusive addition of pigeon meat. A simple yet flavoursome curry made with pigeon meat and banana flowers, Paror Mangsho is a winter delight in Assam.

5. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura (Chicken curry with bamboo shoot)

Quite pungent in taste, bamboo shoot complements meat dishes like no other. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura is a dish made with chicken, lentils and bamboo shoot. As strange as it might sound, this dish is one of the favourite foods of Assamese people. 

With the exclusive influence of Bengali cuisine, Assamese food is flavoursome, rustic and wholesome as well. These are some of the dishes with a distinct flavour profile, enough to tickle your taste buds. One visit to Assam and you would want to visit the breathtakingly beautiful place again.