5 Foods To Combat Hair fall

Summer, winter, monsoon or just about any day, many of us deal with the problem of hair fall regularly. The pain of losing those luscious locks is a tough one to get over. But hair fall could be due to many reasons besides pollution or oily scalp, and it could be due to lack of nutrition. Our hair health is directly related to our diet and lifestyle. You can oil your hair, apple hair masks as much as you want, but it still needs internal nourishment. Soif you are thinking of a change in diet to combat hair fall, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are foods that you must include in your diet for those healthy, long locks: 

1. Eggs 

Protein and biotin (vitamin B7) are essential nutrients needed for hair growth, and both are found in abundance in eggs. Biotin is known to have a crucial role in the production of keratin that helps boost hair growth. Besides this, eggs are rich in protein too! 

2. Spinach 

Rich source of iron, vitamin C & A besides protein, spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients. Iron, which is usually the leading cause of hair fall, is brimming in spinach and helps in hair growth, and sebum present in the green leafy vegetable acts as a natural conditioner for hair. 

3. Fish 

Fish is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin D and vitamin A. While on the one hand, omega-3 fatty acids help increase hair density, vitamin D helps stimulate hair follicles. Fatty fish like salmon is considered very rich in these nutrients! 

4. Flaxseeds 

Another fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds, is a great vegetarian source of this nutrient which isn’t produced enough by our body. Fatty acids reach the hair shaft and cell membranes of our scalp and nourish the follicles and add elasticity to the hair and prevent breakage. 

5. Lentils  

Loaded with all the essential nutrients for hair, such as protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, lentils are full of folic acid, which help restore the health of red blood cells that supply our scalp with oxygen. It makes our hair stronger and prevents breakage. There’s a reason why our parents keep asking us to load on dals!