5 Floral Chocolate Desserts For Your Next High Tea Gathering

A flowery cake or a dessert decorated with edible flowers is an irresistible sight. Flowers add vibrance, elegance, and sophistication to the dessert or its plating. Edible flowers, floral syrups, and floral extracts also infuse natural colour, aroma, and symphony of flavours to delight. Hence, you can spot most festive treats with decorations of roses, hibiscus, and other kinds of edible flowers.

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For a foodie and seasoned baker, these floral elements offer a chance to experiment with the recipe and taste buds. Pair these with chocolate, and you will have a sinful combination that no one would be able to resist. Chocolate and floral notes also gel impeccably and create unique notes that leave the taste buds tantalised. Here are five floral chocolate desserts that are worth trying at home.

Dark Chocolate Rose Truffles

When you are planning a gathering of adults or a tea party, dark chocolate rose truffles fit right into the theme. They are elegant, and delicious, and pair well with beverages you are planning to serve. While melting the chocolate, add rose water or extract to the mix. You can also add rose essence to cocoa powder before coating truffles with it. This dessert hardly takes an hour, and you can refrigerate it for a week at least.

Lavender Chocolate Tart

A tart is a pastry-like dessert with a flaky but crispy crust and creamy filling. The filling is often fruit or chocolate-based, but you can add a twist by adding dried lavender flowers to it. You can also infuse lavender extract into the crust while preparing the dough for it. You might be a little sceptical about the recipe, but once you start the process, you won’t be able to stop, especially not after lavender oil has filled your entire house with its aroma.

Hibiscus Chocolate Mousse

It is a special dessert that you can make on a special occasion. The key ingredients of the mousse are kosher salt, chocolate and hibiscus syrup. You infuse the floral notes while melting the chocolate and continue with the traditional recipe of mousse. After chilling, decorate the dessert with whipped cream, grated chocolate, and dried leaves of hibiscus for a hint of sweet and bitter notes too. 

Peppermint Rose Chocolate Cups

Chocolate peppermint cups are the best addition to the dessert menu irrespective of the theme of the party. Mint and chocolate infused into these little cups of joy make them the highlight of any gathering. You can add floral notes of rose to this sweet dish by adding rose extracts or rose water while melting the chocolate. When the temperature of the mixture comes down, add crushed rose petals and refrigerate the dessert for a couple of hours.

White Chocolate Lavender Cake

Imagine a white cake with decorations of lavender flowers. Not only does it look appealing but also tastes delicious. You can crush dried flowers using a pestle and mortar and beat them with the frosting combination. You can also add just a few drops of lavender extract while melting the white chocolate. Once the cake is ready, decorate the top with fresh edible flowers to make it Instagram-worthy as well.