5 Fascinating Breakfast Dishes From Goa
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The cuisine of Goa is inspired by its neighbouring states as well as the Portugal influence that is very internalised in the culture of Goa. Goa has been a hub of trade and cultural exchange for a very long time. This is one of the reasons why one will see that the food culture in India is quite dynamic and also ever-evolving.

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 It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and every year lakhs of people visit the place not just from other parts of India, but from around the world. Being a melting pot of so many cultures, it is obvious that Goan food is not just about its history but also about contemporary influences. If you're looking for some delectable breakfast options, then here are some delicious dishes from Goa that you can try having for breakfast.

* Goan Semolina 

The goan-style semolina is a little different from the regular semolina that is made in the rest of the country. This is a dish that is prepared at home by first taking dry semolina and roasting it in ghee until it becomes properly crunchy and full of fragrance. Now, in this mixture, one also has to add some mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies, urad dal, and other ingredients until it becomes properly well-balanced. The next step is to add some grated coconut, sugar and a little bit of salt as per the taste. All of this mixture is allowed to rest for some time and then eaten as it is with a little bit of crunchy namkeen on top.

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* Patal Bhaji

The patal bhaji in Goa is a delectable dish that is consumed for breakfast. It is a type of gravy that is made from potatoes and some mild spices. This dish takes less than one hour to prepare, but it is extremely special and flavourful. One has to start by taking some boiled potatoes and chopping them into small cubes. Simultaneously one has to fry some onions with a little bit of spices and then add the cut potato pieces. Now in this mixture, one must add sugar, salt, turmeric powder, and any other spices that they would like to add. Allow this mixture to cook on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes. Now add a little bit of water to make a thick gravy and also add some fresh coriander leaves. This dish can be served with poori and pav.

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* Goan Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the most beloved desserts in India that people like to enjoy in a lot of different ways. Goan-style pancakes are generally enjoyed as a teatime snack. Instead of using regular sugar or any other kind of sweetener, people like to stuff it with shredded coconut and jaggery. The process begins by combining beaten egg, all-purpose, flour, vanilla, extract, and milk. Once all of this has been mixed, add some salt to the mixture. Mash all the ingredients together with the help of a whisker to make sure that there are no lumps. Once the mixture has been formed perfectly, let the batter rest for some time while preparing coconut stuffing simultaneously. After letting the batter rest, pour the batter on a pan along with the shredded coconut filling in the shape of some crêpes and let it cook nicely.

* Goan Ros Omelette 

The classic style goan ros omelette is a delicious breakfast for people who like to have eggs in the morning, but get bored of eating one recipe again and again. This dish takes less than one hour to prepare and requires some eggs, spices and fresh vegetables. One has to take some eggs and crack them in a bowl. Add some onions, green chillies, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and some subtle spices to the eggs. Mix it all properly with the help of a whisker and put it on top of a pan. Once the omelette has been cooked properly, add some lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves again on the top. This type of omelette is served with some goan pav.

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* Goan Banana Filoz

The goan-style banana files are made by blending jaggery and bananas. The next step is to add milk, water, and some all-purpose flour to make a smooth paste. Keep the smooth paste aside for some time to rest. Simultaneously put some ghee on a hot tawa and then pour the batter on the top of this pan. Let the filoz cook on the pan from both sides properly. This is a perfectly balanced, delicious, and healthy breakfast that a lot of people will enjoy having as the first thing in the morning.