5 Falahari Chaat You Can Add To Your Satvik Meal Plan
Image Credit: Shutterstock

While we know that all kinds of fast food and canned foods should be avoided during Satvik vrat, did you know, you also need to avoid lentils, pulses, cornflour, all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour and semolina (rava/sooji). Well, it is definitely difficult to control the taste bud cravings for that long but we've got everything covered.

 Here's the list of 5 types of falahari chaats that you can enjoy while observing the fasts. 

1. Aloo Chaat

Aloo chaat is everyone's favourite. Crispy fried potatoes with a dash of tanginess are hard to resist. You can prepare the falahari version of aloo chaat by adding rock salt, black pepper and imli chutney to the golden fried potatoes. It is an easy recipe that you can enjoy without any worries about breaking the fast. 

2. Vratwali Papdi Chaat

Craving papdi chaat but can't have it because you are fasting? You can prepare your own falahari papdi chaat at home by following this recipe. Instead of using plain flour, use Rajgeera flour, kuttu flour or Singhaada flour to make the papdi. Put some curd, homemade imli chutney and dhaniya pudina chutney on the fried papdi. Add rock salt and black pepper as per your taste. You can garnish it with some pomegranate seeds and enjoy your evening snack. 


Gol gappe is every Indian's weakness. One cannot resist themselves when it comes to craving golgappe. To soothe your craving during the Navratri fasts, you can make falahari golgappe at home within less time. All you need is Samak rice flour and singhara ka atta for making the golgappe. Fill it with boiled potatoes, rock salt, black pepper and some red chilly powder. Add curd, imli chutney and dhaniya pudina chutney on top of it. You can garnish it with coriander leaves as per your choice.