5 Extravagant Summer Phirni Recipes To Have After Dinner
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The world is full of a lot of appetising desserts but as an Indian, there is nothing that comes close to the core desi Indian desserts. There is something about the use of desi ghee, khoya, milk, and other hard-core Indian ingredients that make Indian desserts so soulful and different from anything else that one can try. Phirni is one such very delicious dessert in India that is often confused with kheer.

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Although it might look very similar to kheer, tastewise is very different and the preparation method is also separate. The best part about phirni is that it can be consumed in summer because it is generally served cold. Also, it can be mixed with different types of fruits and other refreshing ingredients to make it opportune for summer. Here is a list of some delectable phirni recipes that one must try during summer.

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* Thandai Phirni

Thandai is a hit beverage in India and is very popularly sold on the street sides during the scorching summer days. Its rejuvenating and refreshing quality is what makes it so popular. Thandai phirni is a mixture of thandai powder and the regular phirni recipe. The thandai powder helps in incorporating very robust flavours along with a punch of freshness in the dessert. One has to take the choicest variety of basmati rice to make this phirni. In boiled milk, one has to add preserved Basmati rice, thandai powder, pistachio powder, almonds, raisins, and some sugar. All the ingredients have to be cooked on medium heat until the milk starts reducing and the rice becomes properly soft. Once the phirni is cooked properly, store it in the refrigerator before serving it chilled.

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* Gulab Phirni

The flavour of roses instantly makes any dessert more enticing and also enhances the fragrance of that particular dish. The reddish hue of rose petals also helps in imparting a very nice and natural colour to the phirni. To make this divine-tasting gulab phirni, one has to simply take some basmati rice and put it in boiled water. Now one has to add rose essence, pistachios, and a lot of chopped walnuts into the mixture to make it crunchy and indulgent. For sweetness, one can add sugar or jaggery powder. Cook the phirni properly until it gets a nice texture and then freeze it in the refrigerator until it becomes chilled.

* Two In One Sugar-Free Phirni

A sugar-free phirni is a slightly healthier alternative as compared to the regular phirni. Rather than adding refined sugar, this phirni is made by using jaggery powder or organic honey. To compensate for the lack of refined sugar, people like to add rose essence and lots of raisins. One can also add a paste of ground cashews to the phirni to make it thicker and more appetising. The creamy phirni has to be stored inside the refrigerator so that it becomes properly chilled. Before serving it, one can garnish it with some rose petals and pistachios.

* Badam Phirni

An almond phirni is majorly dependent on the nutty flavours of almonds. It can be a quick dessert option to make at home when one doesn't have a lot of ingredients ready. One has to make a very smooth paste with the help of almonds and a little bit of milk. This grainy almond paste has to be added inside boiled milk before adding pre-soaked basmati rice. The paste of almonds is a great way to infuse a thick and creamy texture into the milk and also synthesise the nutty flavour of almonds in the basmati rice. Other ingredients that can be added to this phirni are a little bit of Roohafza, some cardamom powder, and lots of pistachios.

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* Mango Phirni

Mango phirni is a must, especially in the summer. One has to take the choicest variety of mangoes and extract the pulp from them. The pulp has to be mashed properly and converted into a liquid form in a food processor with the help of a little bit of water. Remember that the density of this mixture should be on the thicker end. 

Now, in the boiled milk, one has to add 3 to 4 tablespoons of this mango purée and stir properly. Once both the mango pulp and the milk are properly mixed, add the pre-soaked basmati rice. One can also skip adding any extra source of sweetness as mangoes are already quite sweet on their own. To add a contrasting flavour, some cinnamon powder along with cardamom powder can also be added. After it is cooked properly, keep it in the refrigerator for some time and then serve the phirni with some fresh mango cubicles on top.