5 Essential Cooking Tips For A Perfect Indian Curry
Image Credit: The great Indian curry.

Indian food is known world over for being diverse, rich and well, spicy! Besides the royal treats of kebabs and biryanis, what Indian cuisine is most famous for are the curries. We can easily say that curries are to Indian cuisine, what probably pasta is to Italian cuisine or burgers and fries to American. No matter where you are, if there’s Indian food on the menu, a curry would definitely be a part of it to be relished along with a flatbread like roti or paratha. A curry is basically a flavoured broth or stew containing a host of essential Indian spices and herbs, including turmeric powder, cumin and coriander powder along with the staple- garam masala. Besides many of them aren’t also complete without a mix of onion and tomatoes along with a ginger-garlic paste, which lends an additional punch.

Curries can be anything from light and thin to rich and thick depending upon which curry you are preparing or what you are adding it to. But what a curry should be is the balance of spices, colour and texture, which can often be hard since curry isn’t one dish, it is used for a variety of dishes. However, knowing certain tips and tricks of cooking techniques can help you up your curry game. Here are five tips that can prove very helpful.