5 Egg Yolk Recipes You Need To Try Today

Egg yolks not only lend a beautiful quality of depth to both sweet and savoury foods, but they also have the ability to thicken sauces and impart more body to baked goods. In a situation where you have egg yolks left over after preparing egg white omelettes or making a meringue, you might want to consider including some of these recipes into your repertoire in order to make use of the remaining egg. It is important to keep in mind that fresh eggs are the best, particularly when used in recipes that emphasise their flavour and necessitate the separation of the egg white from the egg yolk. 

Homemade Mayonnaise 

It is not necessary to put in a lot of effort in order to make homemade mayonnaise, particularly if you use a hand mixer or a stand mixer. On top of that, the outcomes are well worth the minimal amount of effort that is required. You may achieve a traditional mayonnaise flavour by using a neutral oil such as vegetable oil. Alternatively, you can try substituting a mixture of olive oil and vegetable oil for a more robust flavour. In addition, homemade mayonnaise is an excellent foundation for the preparation of a wide variety of salad dressings, including ranch, blue cheese, and Thousand Island, as well as sandwich spreads, such as Russian dressing. 

Hollandaise Sauce 

You can add a luxurious boost to dishes like eggs Benedict, steamed vegetables, fish, and poultry by making this sauce made with egg yolks and butter that has a lemony flavour. It may take some time to perfect the process of making Hollandaise sauce, but once you have mastered it, you won't be able to stop spreading it on everything. The Hollandaise sauce can be converted into a Bearnaise sauce by using a similar process, but with the addition of tarragon, shallot, and some white wine. This sauce is truly a delectable addition to steaks and seafood. 

Creme Brulee 

In addition to being silky and just barely firm, crème brulee is topped with a broiled sugar coating that is so crisp that it shatter, and it has become a popular dish all over the world. Not only does this one make use of two handfuls of egg yolks, but it also makes use of strong-brewed espresso, which results in a more powerful flavour and a completely unique twist on the traditional French treat. 

Egg Wash 

Who doesn't enjoy having a pie crust that has a golden finish that is rich and extravagant? Egg yolks can be used as an egg wash on dishes that are going to be baked, which will enhance both the appearance and the flavour of the food you are preparing. This is one of the best uses of egg yolks. 

Pastry Dough 

Pastry chefs and bakers frequently spend years honing their craft because the field is so wide and intricate. Pastries from a French patisserie to the one your grandma made all the way from your grandmother's kitchen share common ingredients and cooking methods. Pastry dough, like most baked items, relies on eggs for its structure and temperament.