5 Easy Ways To Eat A Burrito Without Making A Mess
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Burrito is a Mexican-inspired dish that has effectively captured the hearts of many throughout the world. Currently, in today’s hustling and bustling life of people, it has gained more popularity due to its easy portability and due to being the perfect combination of the essential nutrients of a meal. Being a mere street food it has now become a dish that is sought by everyone thus pushing restaurants to include it in their menu.

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The very nature of its construction, a tightly wrapped bundle bursting with flavourful ingredients, can pose a challenge when it comes to consuming it without inadvertently wearing a portion of its contents. Spillage of sauces and juices of the veggies or meat inside is natural, and so is the entire thing falling apart if you unwrap it wrong. Indeed, tackling a burrito with finesse requires a combination of skill, strategy, and perhaps a touch of bravery.

But worry not, because we have the perfect tips to help you eat a burrito and enjoy it without making a mess. Read on to find out.

Don’t: Unwrap the Entire Burrito

It might seem that unwrapping the whole burrito out of paper or foil would be good but it is not. The moment you unwrap the whole burrito at once and bite into it the whole of it will fall apart and create a huge mess all around the table. You have to recognise that a burrito is a very heavily packed dish with a lot of ingredients and the wrapping that holds it together. Hence, you should always start by slowly unwrapping one end and eating from that end only. This easy tip will make sure that you aren’t spilling bits on the table.

Do: Keep it Upright

Keeping your burrito intact is simple with these easy tips. First, hold it upright to maintain its structure. Begin by folding the bottom upwards, and securing the filling. Then, fold in the sides tightly, preventing any escape. Keep a firm grip as you roll it closed, ensuring all contents stay in place. For added security, wrap the bottom in foil, creating a sturdy base. Finally, take small, controlled bites from the top, enjoying each flavourful layer without any mess.

Do: Use Both Hands

Burrito, even though it might look like a roll, is actually a burger in a different shape, hence you should use both of your hands to eat it properly without spilling anywhere. Use your dominant hand to hold the base of the burrito in place and unwrap slowly from one end and make sure you unwrap the only amount you can bite at once. Next, use your non-dominant hand to create a base for the rest of the burrito and angle it to eat it comfortably without creating a mess.

Do: Start Eating From the Side

This offers a simple yet effective strategy for enjoying a burrito mess-free. By beginning your bites from one of the ends rather than the centre, you prevent the ingredients from spilling out. This method allows for better control over each bite, ensuring a satisfying experience without the hassle of cleaning up spills. With just a slight adjustment in eating technique, you can savour every flavourful layer of your burrito without worrying about making a mess.

Do: Cut in Half

Like a burger, cutting your burrito in half can also be an effective way to eat your burrito without any spillage. But while cutting the burrito make sure that you are using a sharp knife, because, they are heavily packed with different kinds of ingredients and using a blunt knife would lead to putting in too much pressure on the delicate dish and lead to a spill on the ingredients. Hence, cutting the burrito in half and enjoying it is a much better way to eat it.