5 Easy Summer Drinks To Aid Your Weight Loss Journey
Image Credit: Shutterstock | From lemon and chia to apple and cinnamon, these detox drinks are great for weight loss.

Let’s admit it. We’ve all given a thought to the idea of losing weight. The reasons for this could be different but we have tried our hands at those heavy dumbbells, yoga sessions, zumba classes or some other form of exercise. Whenever someone says that they are trying to lose weight in a public conversation, people around them start giving ‘expert advice’ on ways to do it. From home remedies to diet plans, joining the gym would be the most common suggestion one would get. Since summers are here and the weather is already turning so hot, intense form of workouts can be tiring. Because you sweat out most of the water in your body during these activities, it becomes important to replenish the body after that. 

Those sugary, carbonated drinks only provide you with temporary relief. They are full of preservatives and sugar and do no good in keeping you hydrated. While water is the best companion during such times, there are plenty of summer drinks that can aid your weight loss journey too. The idea is to wash away all the bad toxins from the body and keep oneself hydrated. These drinks not only keep you active but also help you in reducing your fat. Please note that these drinks alone cannot ensure weight loss. It is a combination of exercise and diet gives best results. 

Here are a few summer drinks that you can easily make at home if you are trying to lose weight. 

1.  Cucumber Water 

The easiest and simplest of all drinks is this cucumber water. The benefits of cucumber are no stranger to us. From being a water-rich vegetable to providing us with Vitamin B and magnesium, cucumber has a low calorie count and can easily replace regular water. Place cucumber slices in a water-filled jar and store overnight. Drink it next morning because till then the water would have absorbed the nutrients of the cucumber. Add a few mint sprigs for freshness. 

Source: Pixabay

The nutrient-rich fenugreek seeds are great for summer. This is just an easy preparation wherein the fenugreek seeds are added to water and kept overnight. Once done, the seeds are drained and the concoction is flavoured with a dash of lemon juice.