5 Easy Bread And Milk Breakfast Combination Ideas
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Breakfast is one meal of the day that is generally under looked, but it is extremely important. Normally a person has breakfast after 7 to 8 hours of fasting because of sleep. Also, breakfast gives the body the energy to sustain itself throughout the day until the person has lunch. In this case, skipping breakfast is not at all a good idea.

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 Most people prefer having eggs in their breakfast. Although eggs are a great source of protein, they're not very fulfilling and nutritionally diverse. A combination that works well for breakfast and is easy to make also is milk and bread. However, one doesn't have to regularly just consume a conventional toast of bread with a glass of milk. This combination can be utilised in a lot of different ways to make a breakfast that tastes good as well as gets prepared in a short amount of time.

* Bread Cereal

This is a very innovative way to use bread and also make a fulfilling breakfast. Instead of using regular bread, one has to make sure that they use multigrain bread as it is more fibrous and easy to digest. A single bread slice has to be cut into small cubicle pieces. These cubicle pieces have to be roasted on the top of a pan with the help of some butter. Now in a bowl, one can take hot or cold milk as per their preference. In this bowl of milk, one can put the cubicles of bread like cereal. For sweetness, one can add some sugar or honey along with dry fruits for a good crunch.

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* French Toast

French toast is a classic and old recipe that can be relished at any time of the day. It is also quite easy to make and doesn't require the usage of a lot of ingredients. One has to simply take some multigrain bread slices and dip them in a mixture of milk and eggs. In this mixture, one can add a little bit of salt and red chilli for a subtle flavour. The bread slices have to be dipped in the egg and milk mixture properly and then cooked in a pan with the help of some butter. This is an easy-to-make dish that is also delectable in taste.

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* Bread Malai Sandwich 

A bread malai sandwich is a special dessert made in a lot of Indian households that is a quick fix for one sweet craving when there is not much available at home. To make this delicious dessert, one has to simply take a bread slice and simultaneously boil some milk. In this milk, one can add some sugar and cardamom for flavours. As soon as the milk starts boiling, one can take out the top layer of milk and spread it on the bread slices. One can either take toasted bread slices or choose not to toast them as well. On the top of this malai, one can sprinkle some sugar or honey. This is a sweet and simple dessert that has a charm of its own. This is an opportune breakfast option when one feels like eating something sweet in the morning.

* Baked Milk Cake

It may sound absurd to a lot of people that having a big milk cake for breakfast can be a nice option. However, this is a savoury cake and it's not much of a problem. Plus its delicious taste and texture are so drool-worthy that one is going to eat it again and again. To make this baked milk cake, one has to cut the bread into small pieces and then put them in a mixture of milk, eggs, oregano, chilli flakes, and some grated cheese. This batter has to be put inside the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 200°C. After 20 minutes, one will see that a cheesy and soft breakfast cake has been prepared.

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* Milk Toast

Milk toast can be regarded as an upgrade to one's regular and mundane toasts. To make this toast one has to simply dip a bread slice in the milk properly and then toast it on a pan with the help of some butter. This will help incorporate different types of flavours in the toast, such as the creaminess of milk, the saltiness of butter, and the savoury flavour of bread. One can sprinkle some salt and black pepper on the top for some extra flavour.