5 Dishes You Can Cook With Grapes To Amp Up Your Palette
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Every season offers a variety of seasonal fresh foods that we can savour. The mangoes and melons of the summer are easily replaced by a wide variety of fruits that are in abundance during the winter. One fruit that is eagerly anticipated at the start of this season and is warmly welcomed into our cupboard is grapes. These are little berries that resemble balls that we may just gulp down to experience a blast of acidic and sweet flavours. There are many different types of grapes, including black grapes, red grapes, green grapes, and white grapes. You may easily consume a whole bunch of grapes in one sitting because they are so delectable and light to eat. In addition to wine, grapes can be used to make jam, chutney, sauce, grape seed oil, and so forth.

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Have you ever thought about preparing food with grapes? Certainly, you can use this delightful fruit to create some incredible meals that will energise your winter diet. Here are some brilliant recipes that can help you get started if you've always wanted to cook with grapes but weren't sure how.

Grape chicken

Your list of chicken recipes will be topped by this interesting dish of chicken breasts cooked with pureed grapes. This dish is made with grape juice, chicken stock, and butter. It has a sweet and sour combination of flavours. In this recipe, the chicken is baked with grapes to enhance the dish's flavours. 

Carrot salad with black grapes

Another winter fruit, carrots are best utilised in salads. With a flavorful grape vinaigrette, this salad of carrots, almonds, raisins, and spring onions is sure to startle your taste buds. When on a diet, we all resort to different kinds of salads and greens. Grapes are one of the best ingredients when you use them in salads. They add a tangy yet sweet flavour to your dish. 

Angoor rabdi

Winter is the time of year to brazenly overindulge in desserts, therefore you must try this one. Angoor rabdi is a creamy dessert with the goodness of grapes. Usually, rabdi is very sweet and creamy but when you add some grapes to it, the taste of the rabdi enhances. Grapes add a tart flavour to the creamy dish which gets balanced by the sweetness very well.

Murg Manpasand

This dish is made of grapes and chicken that have first been marinated in yoghurt, garam masala, and peppercorns. If you like tangy dishes, then this is the dish for you. The tart flavour of grapes gets balanced well with the chicken. With every bite you take, you get a burst of sweet and sour flavours with a hint of spiciness. 

Pomfret with grapes

For all the fish lovers, this is the dish for you. In this recipe, pomfret fillets are cooked until golden brown while being seasoned with a variety of ingredients. The dish is topped with grapes, herbs, almonds, and lemon juice and is a filling and delectable lunch or dinner option. The addition of grapes adds a tart flavour to the fish which gets absorbed really well. It is a must-try during the grape season!