5 Different Varieties Of Dragon Fruits You Must Know
Image Credit: Unsplash

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or strawberry pear, is a lovely tropical fruit that is both sweet and crisp. The fruit is actually a sort of cactus from the genus Hylocereus, which contains roughly 20 different species. Dragon fruit, which was once popular in Southeast Asia and Latin America, is now produced and relished all over the world. Though its pinkish-red skin and bright green scales may appear frightening, preparing this strange fruit is simple. It is delicious in fruit salads, it can be used to make tasty drinks and sweets, and it is a great, nutritious snack on its own. Here are some of the best varieties that you should know of the popular dragon fruit.

1. Colombiana (Yellow dragon fruit)

Colombiana, often known as 'Yellow Dragon,' is a cultivar of S. megalanthus, a pitaya species native to northern South America and prized for its delicious yellow fruits. Colombiana fruits are small and have prickly, thick, yellow skin. The flesh is white and semi-translucent, with a firm texture and big black seeds. Colombiana plants are sensitive; they don't tolerate cold, heat, or full sun, and will rust if they get too much rain.

2. Sour dragon fruit

The dry parts of America are home to the dragon fruit Stenocereus. Sour dragon fruit is a delicious fruit that tastes fiery and sour. This fruit is still harvested in the northern Mexican region. They are particularly well-known for their moniker, "ziix is ccapxl," which translates as "sour fruits." The seeds are edible and have a strong nutty flavour.

3. Red dragon fruit

Hylocereus costaricensis is another name for Pitaya Roja. It's a Dragon fruit, with red flesh and skin. It is a sweet-flavoured Dragon fruit with the texture of a Kiwi. Furthermore, it can be consumed raw or blended into smoothies. The disadvantage of consuming red dragon fruits is that they might stain your hands. However, pairing them with substantial fruit flavours such as pineapple will make it more pleasurable. Costa Rican Sunset (Natura Mystic), Zamorano, and Red Jaina are examples of Red Dragon fruit varieties.

4. Pink dragon fruit

These dragon fruits are also red, but their interior is not the same. Pink dragon fruit contains soft to hot pink edible flesh. This variety of dragonfruit can adapt to many soil and temperature conditions. Pink dragon fruit cultivars include Delight, Cosmic Charlie (Delight), Voodoo Child (Voodoo Child), and American Beauty, Hylocereus guatemalensis.

5. White dragon fruit

Hylocereus Undatus and Selenicereus Undatus are other names for them. This dragon fruit is the most extensively produced dragon fruit, having white meat and pink skin. The most common and heaviest cultivar of dragon fruit, Thompson, can weigh up to 1.5 pounds. Harpua has a semi-sweet pulp with a grape-like flavour. When cooled, Neitzel, a California native, becomes sweeter and tastier.