5 Diet Tips To Get Through The Cold Wave And Stay warm
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Delhi and nearby areas like Punjab, Haryana and some parts of UP have been alerted regarding a serious cold wave that will be gripping these areas. The average temperature will go extremely low and all the people living in these areas have been informed regarding the same. It is very important to take immense care of your health during this time because the extreme cold outside can impact your health. The risk of developing fever, cold, cough and flu is now more than ever. Due to the increased vulnerability, it is critical to eat food that strengthens your immune system. Here are some dietary tips that you can follow to keep yourself warm in this brutal cold and make sure that you don't get sick.

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* Drink Hot Drinks

Try to avoid drinking anything cold and sip on as many hot drinks as you can. If you love drinking masala, then this is the right time to drink masala chai as per your heart's desire. But ensure that you do not over consume either chai or coffee because excess of both of them is harmful to our health. Instead, you can drink herbal teas like green tea, Cardamom tea, hibiscus tea, and other such teas that have high amounts of antioxidants. This will not only provide relief to you but also help in strengthening the immune system of the body. Hot beverages also lower the oxidative stress in the body and prevent any kind of inflammation as well as the risk of viral diseases.

* Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Keeping yourself hydrated in this cold season is extremely important. Many people believe that our body needs less hydration during winter as compared to summer. But this is a misconception as winter hydration is consequential for maintaining optimal health and avoiding winter-related healthy elements. Hydrating your body through frequent intervals will help in flushing out the stored toxins in the body that increase the chances of the body getting some kind of disease. Drinking enough liquid will also help in improving the metabolism and many other bodily functions. It can also help in fighting against infections.

* Eating Warm Food

Adding ingredients that have a warm tendency in your diet can also have a positive impact on your health and provide a shield against the environment. A lot of ingredients like dry fruits, including cashews, almonds, and walnuts are very beneficial for the body. Also, the winter season is the perfect time to eat a lot of green vegetables that are available in the market. These vegetables are a rich source of many important nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen our body from the inside and give it the capability to fight against external diseases. Cold waves require one's body to be strong from the inside. Layering yourself will not do anything if you have a low immunity. So you must focus on strengthening your body from the inside by eating healthy food.

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* Better Metabolism 

Exercising during the winter season can be a very hard thing because your body is very rigid and it's not that easy to move in such a cold. But even if it seems impossible, you must exercise as much as you can so that your body sweats a bit. Sweating helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Also, it is important to digest whatever you have eaten during the day. Winter season enhances overheating, which is why exercising becomes even more important. If you cannot indulge in rigorous exercise, then try going for a small walk every day that can promote digestion.

* Avoid Consumption Of Alcohol 

Avoid consuming alcohol at any cost during the winter season. Many of us believe that the consumption of beverages like rum and brandy during the winter season is beneficial for our health as it helps in warming the body. But alcohol harms your body more than it benefits. Alcohol leads to dehydration of the body as it reduces the level of water in the body instantly. The likelihood of a person suffering from hypothermia increases if they consume alcohol, especially regularly. During the winter season, the consumption of water decreases by itself. Drinking alcohol on top of it can lead to even lowering of the level of hydration of the body.

These are some important dietary tips that you must follow during the cold wave. A lot of tasks out of this list might seem difficult to you, but it is important to consider and follow them because they will help provide a protective shield to your body during this brutal cold wave.