5 Desserts With All Things Nice Including Sugar And Spice
Image Credit: Photo: Massimo Adami

As restauranteurs and chef-owners get ready to open doors after a long lockdown in several parts of the world, let us hope that the F&B industry will pave the way for something grand in 2022. One prediction is that the attention will turn to fusion desserts. Though examples are plenty that highlights the sugar and spice combinations in various ways, we are rooting for these trends to stay a little longer, and maybe diversify a bit.  

1. Chocolate

There are gourmet chocolatiers who are taking the chocolate world to new heights, especially in India. Well, we know that there are chocolatiers who launched fusion chocolates, even before the pandemic hit. In fact, by now they may have found better ideas to wow the customers. In the chocolate spectrum, we are bound to witness something magical elevating classic flavours with Indian spices. Think, mango chocolate being paired with mirchi (red chilli), and garam masala complementing dark chocolate to lend a spicy, traditional touch. 

Photo: Egor Lyfar

2. Brownies  

Brownies have been our comfort during the pandemic. Who is to say that we shall not find Indian-flavoured brownies in the future, such as chai-spiced chocolate brownies, masala fudge brownies, or cardamom brownies? We can see a more contemporary twist in the baking practice.  

Photo: Aneta Voborilova 

3. Cheesecake 

While laddoo, gulab jamun and thandai cheesecakes were themed around festival seasons Holi and Diwali respectively, we could see a rise in new cheesecake additions dominating the menus with flavours like saffron, pumpkin spice, ginger and cinnamon. After all, these are some new and lip-smacking flavours, and can enthral tastebuds!

Photo: Tina Guina

4. Candy  

In the future, we could be treating ourselves to some spicy candy flavours, which go beyond chatpati imli. We can find candied ginger, nutmeg as well as spice-laced hot pepper candy in stores that will satisfy the taste buds of consumers seeking a taste of anything simple and unique.   

Photo: Prasad Yeluru

5. Kulfi  

One can find an assorted variety of kulfis in the market in the coming months. Think of these flavours lingering in your mouth: masala chai kulfi, meetha paan with fragrant spices, pani puri, green chilli or tamarind kulfi, that'll coexist with classic flavours such as rose, pistachio, vanilla and chocolate, or perhaps even rule the menu.  

Photo: Kuldeep Negi

We cannot wait to see when these delectable treats will take the F&B world by storm.