5 Delightful Hot Cocktails To Keep The Winter Chills At Bay
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When one thinks of cocktails, they typically think of chilled delights, such as a margarita or a martini. While these classic cocktails will never go out of style, there is an entire subcategory of hot cocktails that are equally evergreen and beloved. These hot cocktails, which include scrumptious treats, such as mulled wine and buttered rum, both of which this article will examine in detail below, frequently feature in winter-themed parties and get-togethers.

Nearly half the country is experiencing a cold wave at the moment. Therefore, it is natural for people to seek out warm drinks that soothe the throat and generate heat within the body. Additionally, hot beverages and cocktails help lend an atmosphere of snugness and coziness to events and occasions that take place in the winter. That’s why many of them have been dubbed as “winter specials.”

These winter specials only require a few readily available ingredients to craft. They can be easily concocted at home, giving amateur bartenders and mixologists the perfect opportunity to display their mixing skills. Take a look at five popular hot cocktails that can be effortlessly put together from the comfort of one’s home.

Chai Hot Toddy

The comforting chai hot toddy requires water, tea bags, sugar, whole milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and spiced rum to prepare. Begin by popping the tea bags in a pot of boiling water, and setting aside the milk and sugar to boil as well. Once boiled satisfactorily, take the tea bags and water mixture off the heat, and add vanilla and cinnamon to it. Next, remove the tea bags and pour the milk and sugar mixture into the tea base. Lastly, pour spiced rum in the mixture per your taste and stir thoroughly. Your hot cocktail is ready to sip!

Mulled Wine

It is recommended to use red wine as the base for this winter favourite cocktail. Other ingredients needed include apple cider, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise. To start off, add the wine and cider to a slow cooker or a sauce pan. Eventually, introduce the cloves, cinnamon, and star anise to the container as well, and let the entire mixture cook or simmer for an hour at the minimum. Once ready, garnish the mulled wine with some juicy fruits, pour the concoction into trendy wine glasses, and serve the wine to your guests.

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Mulled Cider with Cloved Oranges

A cousin to mulled wine, this wonderfully zesty hot cocktail is made with apple cider, whole cloves, an orange, star anise, grated nutmeg, a cinnamon stick, a vanilla pod, and sugar. Start preparing the drink by pouring the apple cider in a pan and setting it on low heat; simultaneously, poke cloves into the orange. Then, mix the orange, sugar, and all the spices with the cider, and increase the heat. Ensure to first boil the concoction, and subsequently, bring it down to a simmer for about eight minutes. Lastly, pour the cider into mugs for serving purposes.

Hot Buttered Rum

To prepare the decadent and soothing hot buttered rum, one requires softened unsalted butter, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, spiced rum, and boiling water. Begin the preparation process by combining the butter, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg in a mixing bowl. Next, take a little mound of this concoction, and place it in a glass. Then, pour a dash of spiced rum into the glass, and also fill the glass with boiling water and stir gently till the butter has melted entirely. Just like that, in a few simple steps, the hot buttered rum is ready to relish!

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Irish Coffee

Being packed with booze as well as caffeine, Irish coffee provides quite a powerful kick to one’s senses. It is extremely simple to craft this rich and luscious cocktail; you prepare it much the same way you prepare regular coffee. Ingredients required for Irish coffee include Irish cream liqueur, Irish whiskey, hot brewed coffee, whipped cream, and ground nutmeg. All you have to do is mix the liqueur and whiskey in a glass mug, and pour in the hot brewed coffee. Top the creamy and indulgent cocktail off with whipped cream and nutmeg, and savour each sip!