5 Delicious Ways To Use Your Leftover Christmas Cake
Image Credit: Master's Collective Recipes/facebook

Finally, the most awaited winter festival is over. The whole world celebrated Christmas with great enthusiasm and a lot of excitement. Now everyone is busy in unpacking their gifts and taking off the decorations. This festival gave us an opportunity to dive into delicious dishes and boozy drinks along with friends and family. 

But did you just forget about the leftover Christmas cake? There is a lot left in the fridge but no one in the family wants to have it? Don’t worry, we have got your back. You can disguise the cake into some yummy sweet treats and enjoy them as desserts after your meals. 

Here are five delicious recipes you can make with your leftover Christmas cake: 

1. Cake Truffles 

If your Christmas cake has any frosting or icing, then this is the best idea for you. Cake truffle is a simple recipe and will take only a few minutes to make. Crumble the cake along with frosting and roll into balls with wet hands. Then melt a chocolate bar and pour it into a glass. Dip the cake balls into that glass with the help of a lollipop stick and freeze it for about twenty minutes and you're done. You can also decorate it as per your choice. 

2. Milkshakes 

Treat your children with cake-flavoured milkshakes and trust me they will ask for more. Many bakeries and cafes also serve pies and cookie-flavoured milkshakes. Then why not make one for yourself at home? Just combine your leftover cake with some milk and ice cream and blend it into a delicious drink. Pour it into a glass and garnish it with the leftover tutti frutti. 

3. Cake Ice Cream 

Eating ice cream during winters gives a different kick and what can be better than giving it a festive flavour by adding some Christmas cake into it. Either you can mix it with vanilla ice cream or fry the slices of cake in butter and crumble it on the top of your ice cream. 

4. Rum Cake Balls 

If you are still in the mood of partying, then this classic treat is best for you. Mix the leftover cake crumbs with chocolate and rum and make it into balls. Rum cake balls can also be stored for days in the refrigerator. You can add any flavour of your choice instead of chocolate.  

5. Cake Pudding 

Be it a fruitcake or any other leftover bread, this recipe is good for all. Just let the fruitcake sit overnight in an egg and milk mixture then bake it into a pudding. You can also add some whiskey sauce on the top of it to enhance the flavour. This recipe can be made on normal days as well with your regular bread. 

Give your leftover cakes a makeover with these recipes and tell us which one of them is your favourite.