5 Delicious Kenyan Delicacy That You Must Try
Image Credit: Instagram image by @thecanadianafrican

Kenya, a beautiful exotic country in East Africa is surrounded by picturesque scenic beauty. This stunning country is known for its adventurous safari excursions, breathtaking beaches and piquant cuisine. Kenya is a land of diverse culture where different communities reside together, which gives their cuisine a rich variety. Kenyan cuisine has gone through lots of changes throughout the years. According to history, Portuguese arrived on the coast of Kenya in 1496 where they introduced food items from the newly discovered Brazil like maize, bananas, pineapple, chilies, peppers and sweet potatoes which later became the local culinary staples of the country. Later in the beginning of the 19th century they were introduced with the dishes involving curries, which has now become a Sunday regime for almost every household in Kenya. There is no doubt that this amazing country is filled with delicious and lip-smacking food. So, without any delaying, let's look at some of the Kenyan delicacies that you must try, if you are a foodie just like us. 

Kuku wa kupaka

Kuku wa Kupaka is a mouthwatering dish consisting of tender and succulent chicken pieces which are tossed in flavourful spicy sauce made with various herbs and spices like green chillies, cumin, turmeric, coriander etc. To balance the heat of the gravy, coconut milk and tomato paste is also used in the preparation. Kuku kapaka is a widely popular dish along the coastline of Kenya.


Ugali is considered as the emblematic dish of Kenya. It is a quintessential Kenyan staple which is enjoyed by everyone in the country. It's made by adding the maize flour to the boiling water until it becomes a thick-dense paste. Locals eat this dish with their favorite stews or stir-fried vegetables. Did you know? The former President of USA, Barack Obama also has a penchant for this dish of Kenya.

Instagram image by @kuis_kitchen