5 Delicious Frostings That Can Make Any Baking Newbie A Pro

Can you imagine a cake or cupcake without frosting? It is the essence of a cake. If the consistency, flavours, and texture are perfect, it can transform baked bread into a heavenly delight. One of the primary advantages of frosting is to hold the entire structure of the cake together. It is a delicious edible adhesive that ensures your masterpiece remains put during the process of decoration and survives a few bumps on the way to its destination. 

Video Credit: Bake With Shivesh/ YouTube

Many people think that frosting is difficult to make. However, a few simple recipes are all you need to change that mindset. Learning the basics of frostings and starting with simple recipes can make any noob a pro in the baking world. Try out the below-mentioned frostings.

Cream Cheese Frosting

To create a creamy cheese-filled frosting, all you need is salt, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and cream cheese. While most of these items might be in your pantry, you might have to go to a nearby store to buy the others. Mix brick-style cream cheese with butter and beat the ingredients together with an electric mixture until you achieve a lump-free texture. 

Add vanilla extract, sugar, and salt to complete the process of making the frosting. This egg-less mixture tastes delicious and can also be used to decorate cupcakes. It might be an easy recipe but it will leave your guests impressed with your baking skills.

Seven-Minute White Frosting

Yes, this frosting requires only seven minutes to prepare. You will require water, egg whites, tartar, vanilla extract, and sugar. You have to cook it on a medium flame so that egg whites and sugar come together to make a creamy and fluffy mixture. You can only use this frosting to decorate the cake, and it will be enough. Your dessert will taste lightweight, extra cream, and oh-so-yummy.

Chocolate Frosting

Who doesn’t like chocolate frosting? It is delicious and loved by people of all age groups. You will need cocoa powder, butter, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and milk to prepare it. All cocoa and butter in a bowl and mix them into a smooth mixture. Add sugar to this mixture and mix again with an electric mixture.

In a separate bowl, keep a concoction of milk and vanilla extract ready. Add it to the previous mixture in small quantities to create frosting with a smooth consistency. This frosting will make you a star among kids and guests. 


Ganache seems like a prestigious and almost impossible-to-make name for a frosting, but it is quite easy to ace if you focus. For this, you will need cream of tartar, egg whites, chocolate bars or chips, granulated sugar, and water. 

First, melt chocolate bars or chips in a bowl and let the heavy cream simmer on low flame for some time. Mix the heavy cream with egg whites and sugar and beat it into a smooth mixture. Pour melted chocolate into this mixture and keep beating it until you achieve a thick consistency of ganache. Spread it on the base of the cake and enjoy. 

Buttercream Frosting

This is probably the easiest recipe for frosting for which you will need vanilla extract, powdered sugar, milk, and butter. Mix sugar and butter first and slowly add milk and vanilla extract liquid to it. After all comes together into a smooth paste with no lumps, decorate your cake or cupcake with it.