5 Delicious Dinner Dishes To Make Using Cauliflower
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you like cauliflower, this Cauliflower Recipes collection is for you. Cauliflower, also known as gobi in Hindi, is a vegetable in the brassica family. Cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts are cruciferous relatives. Cauliflower is a large vegetable that looks like broccoli but is usually white. It can also be found in other colours such as pale orange, purple, and bright chartreuse. People prefer white cauliflower because it is the most widely available, but any colour can be used in any cauliflower recipe. Gobi is best eaten cooked. It has a mild flavour with hints of sweet nuttiness. There are almost countless ways to eat this delicious vegetable because it is so versatile. Here is a list of recipes you can for your dinner with cauliflower.

1. Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a rustic and satisfying dish that can be served as a side or as the main course. The Hindi words for potatoes and cauliflower are "aloo" and "gobi," respectively. These two straightforward veggies are prepared with strong spices to create a vegetarian or vegan dish that is filling, easy to make, and delicious to eat.

2. Gobi Paratha

This delicious Gobi Paratha recipe will become a family favourite. These cauliflower parathas are filled with a flavorful, spicy grated cauliflower filling. Many people love the popular Punjabi paratha recipe. Butter, curd (yoghurt), or mango pickles are suitable accompaniments. Gobi paratha is commonly prepared in Punjabi homes and served in restaurants and Punjabi dhabas.

3. Gobi Masala

The gobi masala recipe is simple to prepare. Because the curry has more restaurant-style flavours, it pairs well with rotis, naan, tandoori roti, cumin rice, or plain steamed rice. Aside from cauliflower, you can also add steamed or boiled vegetables as a variation. This gravy will benefit greatly from the addition of potatoes and green peas.

4. Aloo Gobi Matar

Aloo Gobi Matar can be prepared dry, as in a sautéed vegetable dish, or with a gravy or curry base. This Aloo Gobi Matar is a curry recipe with three vegetables in an onion-tomato gravy. It's subtly spiced and absolutely delicious with roti, steamed rice, or even naan. Potatoes, cauliflower, and green peas are just a few of the vegetables that are always on hand, especially in an Indian pantry. And what better way to combine them than to create a dish that easily qualifies as a quick fix for any meal.

5. Gobi Biryani

This biryani contains a lot of spices, but they blend beautifully and provide a great flavour and taste. This cauliflower biryani is dum-cooked but not layered, and it is made in a single pot. This biryani can also be made with sella basmati rice. This recipe works well with short-grained or medium-grained non-sticky rice.

You can add vegetables like potatoes, carrots, capsicum, and green peas to make cauliflower biryani more nutritious and flavorful. Serve cauliflower biryani with your favourite raita or salad.