5 Delicious Delicacies You Can Make From Leftover Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular non-vegetarian delicacies around! Lean meat is known to be super versatile in Indian cuisine. From succulent tikkas to chicken mince kebabs, robust curries, to fragrant biryanis, there is just so much that one can prepare from chicken. And guess what? Even if you make any of these in abundance, you can always reuse them to make another scrumptious delicacy! From lazeez biryani to tantalizing sandwich and Mexican quesadilla, here are five of the best options you can make from your leftover chicken!

Here are five delicious ways to use your leftover chicken at home:

1. Leftover Chicken-Egg Pakora

You can make a quick and incredibly easy pakodas by simply tossing your leftover chicken with egg and deep-fry!

2. Chicken Sandwich

Got chicken tikkas or kebabs left from a feast last night? Combine with a bit of mayonnaise, ketchup or mint chutney, spread between bread slices and grill to perfect crisp!

3. Leftover Chicken Biryani

Craving a royal treat? This quick and easy leftover chicken biryani is a must-try! Just toss those succulent chicken chunks with cooked rice, layered in a pot with fried onions and cooked in dum-style!

4. Chicken Quesadilla

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious Mexican treat of quesadilla? And when you can make it at home with some leftover chicken mince, who would even mind? Here’s a lovely chicken quesadilla recipe that isn’t just quick and easy but also super delicious!

5. Chilli Chicken

Toss those fried chicken cubes in some soya sauce and Asian spices for a stellar meal to pair with cooked rice!