5 Delicious And Flavourful Mustard Sauces For Your Snacks
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Eating chips, nachos and salads, without a delicious dip or sauce can be boring. But the dips and sauces available in the market are quite unhealthy and not at all a good idea to include in meals, especially salads. Different types of ingredients make great sauces. Some of it includes mayonnaise, tomatoes, mint, and coriander. 

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But the one that stands out of all of these ingredients is mustard. With the help of mustard, one can make multiple types of dips at home. Mustard comes in different varieties and all of these varieties have a slightly different taste from each other. A delicious mustard sauce can be prepared by using some mustard seeds and some basic ingredients like vinegar and water. One can also experiment with a lot of different spices and flavours as per their liking. 

Here is the list of some top most delicious mustard sauces/dips that can be made at home.

* Honey Mustard Dip

This is a delicious dip that is prepared for snacks that are a little dry such as fried chicken or fried potato veggies. Honey mustard dip is extremely popular in the US and one will find it at almost all fast food joints. It is a subtly sweet dip and is liked by people who want their dips to be a little sweet. It can also be easily used as a salad dressing or for sandwiches. It is simply made by crushing some mustard seeds and making a paste out of them. A little bit of honey is added to the paste of mustard seeds along with some salt. This is all that one needs to do to make this dip at home.

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* Spicy Mustard Dip

This is for people who love eating spicy dips and want a flavour of tanginess and spice in everything that they eat. The sauce is specially made by using the brown mustard seeds and some vinegar. The brown mustard seeds and vinegar. However, the amount of vinegar used to soak the seeds is less than the amount used to soak normal mustard seeds. Vinegar helps in tempering the natural heat of the mustard seeds. The lower amount of vinegar doesn't suppress the natural spice of the brown mustard seeds. That's why the flavour is more elaborate. This is an extremely fiery dip that must be paired with some meaty dishes that do not have a pronounced flavour of their own.

* Yellow Mustard Sauce

The yellow mustard dip is also equally popular in the US just like a honey mustard dip. It is the staple spread used in hotdogs as well as hamburgers. A lot of yellow mustard dips are available in the stores but these are generally filled with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavours. The best way to use this sauce in sandwiches and hotdogs is by making it at home. This sauce can be prepared by using some fresh yellow mustard seeds along with turmeric. Some mustard seeds are dipped in vinegar along with adding a spoonful of turmeric. After the seeds have sold everything properly, it is used to create a thick and bright sauce. Some spices like salt, black pepper and cinnamon can be added to further elaborate the flavour.

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* Whole Grain Mustard Dip

This is a more textured dip as compared to other dips on the list, and it is for people who like authentic flavours. To prepare this dip, one has to take whole grain mustard and then ground them properly. The paste must be prepared very carefully so that the particles do not start breaking down as the texture has to be a bit grainy. To make this dip, one can use wine or brown and even black mustard seeds as it gives the dip a very strong flavour. This is perfect for salad dressings and also goes with sandwiches that do not have a lot of flavour of their own.

* Dijon Mustard Dip

This special dip is named after Dijon which is a place in France as this dip was made for the first time in that area. It is prepared by using an acidic juice that is made from raw grapes instead of going for vinegar, which is the conventional way of making mustard dips. The Dijon mustards are used to prepare the dip and they have a very strong flavour which is more powerful than the regular yellow mustard. Dijon mustard is prepared by using some black mustard seeds and mixing them with white wine. It is perfect for people who like eating pungent and strong dips.

All these dips are quite appetising and one can give them a try as they're quite easy to make.