5 Daiquiri Cocktails With A Twist To Ward Your Midweek Blues
Image Credit: Here are five famous versions of Daiquiri Cocktail. Image courtesy: Pexels

When you think of a Daiquiri Cocktail, you easily imagine a fresh-looking cocktail of rum, lime juice and syrup. Daiquiri Cocktail is one of the greatest cocktails ever discovered, but getting the balance for a Daiquiri Cocktail right is something that can test the best of mixologists because simplicity is hard to nail. Reportedly invented in 1740 by a British Admiral called Edward “Old Grog” Vernon, the Daiquiri Cocktail was primarily created to water down rum so that naval officers wouldn’t engage in excessive rum drinking. 

The history of the Daiquiri Cocktail gets more elaborate and rich with time. Some experts believe that the Daiquiri Cocktail was invented in Cuba in the nineteenth century by combining rum, lime juice, honey and water. The Cuban version of Daiquiri Cocktail is more popularly known as Canchanchara. Another story says that Daiquiri Cocktail was invented by Jennings Cox, and American engineer stationed in Cuba, who created the drink for his guests near the beach.  

Whatever the true origin of the Daiquiri Cocktail may be, the fact is that this drink is now so popular the world over that there are innumerable riffs, variations and twists available at every pub, bar and even restaurant. In fact, there are even non-alcoholic versions of Daiquiri Cocktail available across the world today. Here are some of the most popular Daiquiri Cocktail twists you should know about. 

Hemingway Daiquiri Cocktail

Ernest Hemingway, the American novelist, spent most of his time in the 1930s in Havana, Cuba. He frequented the El Floridita cocktail bar, where he found the bartender making Daiquiri Cocktails. His suggestion, after tasting the Daiquiri Cocktail was simple—double the rum and skip the sugar. Based on this suggestion, the Hemingway Daiquiri Cocktail has now evolved into a mix of rum, maraschino liquer, lime and grapefruit juice. 

Daiquiri Cocktail No 6

The Daiquiri Cocktail No 6 is basically a twist on the Hemingway Daiquiri Cocktail. Instead of the maraschino liqueur, the Daiquiri Cocktail No 6 adds dark crème de cacao and sugar—yes, the very ingredient Hemingway hated in the drink. Now, the Daiquiri Cocktail No 6 recipe calls for aged rum, dark crème de cacao, lime juice, whole grapefruit, sugar and smoked salt. Yes, this is a sophisticated twist! 

Deadbeat Daiquiri Cocktail 

Created by mixologist Jeff “Beachum” Berry from Latitude 29, New Orleans, this twist on the Daiquiri Cocktail includes so many ingredients that this one is a clear flavour bomb. The Deadbeat Daiquiri Cocktail includes aged rum, maraschino and coconut liqueurs, lychee nuts, lime juice, syrup and chocolate bitters. While world famous, this version of Daiquiri Cocktail can rarely be nailed by amateur bartenders. 

Golden Glove Daiquiri Cocktail

Is there any Daiquiri Cocktail variety that isn’t linked to Hemingway? Perhaps not. The Golden Glove Daiquiri Cocktail was invented at the El Floridita bar in Havana, Cuba, which the author frequented. The owner of the famous bar, Constante Ribalaigua Vert, published the recipe for Golden Glove Daiquiri Cocktail in a recipe booklet published in 1935. This Daiquiri Cocktail twist includes lightly aged rum Cointreau, lime juice, sugar shaken and served over crushed ice. 

White Lion Daiquiri Cocktail

This twist on the Daiquiri Cocktail was invented far away from Cuba and Hemingway’s influence. The bartender at Washington D.C’s Cotton & Reed, Lukas B Smith, created the White Lion Daiquiri Cocktail to suit the cold and snowy weather of the American North. Cotton & Reed has its own distillery, which produces a white rum. Smith replaced Daiquiri Cocktails’ dark rum with this white one and added allspice dram and molasses to make the drink generate more heat.