5 Current Cake Trends That Are All The Rage On Social Media

The lockdown may have cast a bit of a shadow on our ‘epic birthday parties’. The abandon with which we used to celebrate our birthdays in pre-pandemic times, may be a thing of history, but what remains unchanged is our love for pretty cakes. Be it birthdays, or weddings, cakes are only getting fancier with time, and if you hadn’t had the time to catch up then fret not. We have listed five such cake trends that our ruling Instagram right now.

1. Pull Me Up Cakes

If you have seen all your favourite celebrities making the round of Bastion, Mumbai around their birthdays, then you also must have seen their videos with this peculiar cake that comes wrapped in a plastic sheet. In these, pull-me-up cakes, you are supposed to hold two ends of this plastic sheet and pull it up and watch your cake drown in a deluge of creamy ganache. Pull-me-up cakes are now easily available across all major bakeries, and they do make for picture-perfect treat.

2. Pinnata Cake

Remember lining up right beneath the pinnata just so you can get hold of maximum candies? Weren’t old-timey birthday parties just the best? The pinnata cakes are capturing the same excitement and mystery, but in a cake form. These cakes come encased in a hard chocolate shell that is meant to be cracked open with the help of a small hammer-like tool.

3. Drip Cake

Drip cakes are actually not that new, they have existed among us since time immemorial. The resurgence of the trend has been marked with fascinating cool ‘drips’. ‘Drips’ are a cake decorating style, where the edges of the cake are lined with thin, sweet sauce (enough glaze), this sauce is then allowed to drip to the bottom, giving these cakes a very appealing look and feel. This style of decorating cake actually happens to be a vintage way of decorating cakes in England.  

4. Fault In Line Cake

This is another cake that has taken our feed by storm with its ‘imperfect’ perfection. ‘Fault in line’ technique is essentially a deception that makes you think that chunk of the cake is missing from the middle, or that you can see through the cake from the layer that has been embossed with fruits, chocolates, nuts, to make up for the ‘missing’ layer or the ‘fault in line’. The trick is to cover the cake in a very thick frosting, with a very neat finish and then work on this layer, so that even though it looks ‘faulty’ it should take your breath away with its beauty.

5. Macaroon Cake

Macaroons or Macarons are French confections made with meringue and cream. It looks like a dainty, biscuit sandwich. These delicate desserts studded on top of your cake, make for a delightful treat for your ‘gram.