5 Crunchy Treats To Make With Bread Crumbs
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Breadcrumbs are powder-like crumbled breads that are dry and used as a seasoning or as a coating for different types of dishes. The oldest origins of bread crumbs can be traced back to a lot of archaeological sites in the modern-day Czech Republic, Russia, and Israel. Many starch-grinding tools with residues of bread have been found in excavations. 

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However, breadcrumbs, as we know them today were invented in the late 1800s after the automated machine for both bread and bread crumbs was invented. Since then bread crumbs have been used to give different types of deep-fried snacks a toasty layer. Breadcrumbs can be found in a lot of different colours such as light brown and dark brown. In this article, one can find different types of crunchy and delicious snacks that one can make by simply using breadcrumbs at home.

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* Breadcrumb Fish

Bread crumb fried fish is an amazing recipe that is made by first marinating the fillets of fish and some lemon juice, salt, and black pepper. After this one has to prepare a paste of all-purpose flour and some water. Simultaneously on a plate, one must put on some breadcrumbs and heat oil in a pan. Once the pan reaches medium heat, the person must start taking marinated pieces of fish, dip them in the all-purpose flour and then coat them with bread crumbs from all ends. Now the pieces of fish have to be deep fried until they become crispy and well cooked.

* Breadcrumb Spaghetti 

Breadcrumb spaghetti is a delicious pasta that can be prepared in under half an hour. One simply has to boil some pasta as per the desirable quantity by adding some soul. Now, once the pasta is boiled properly, take another pan and sauté some bread crumbs along with some cloves of garlic and olive oil. When the bread crumbs are properly tossed and turn brown, they have to be transferred into a bowl and mixed with some rest. In a separate fan, one must put in boiled pasta, flavoured breadcrumbs and some cherry tomatoes along with Parmesan cheese. Cook this on medium heat until everything comes together and in the end, sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

* Sweet Potato Fritters

Who doesn't like having some crunchy fritters that get prepared in 15 to 20 minutes? All that one has to do is to wash these sweet potatoes and then peel them. Now using a grater, a person has to grate the sweet potatoes and put them in a large bowl with onions and capsicums. In this bowl, put one beaten egg and add some bread crumbs along with salt, red chilli, and pepper. Take a wok, fill it with some vegetable oil and put it over medium flame. When the oil is hot enough, one has to put the mixture inside the wok in the shape of small balls and cook them until they're perfectly crunchy.

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* Potato Croquettes

Potato croquettes are the perfect appetiser to start a party and the best part is that one doesn't have to arrange for a lot of ingredients to make this delicious snack. One has to simply put some boiled potatoes and mash them in a large bowl. In a saucepan, one has to melt some butter and add finely chopped onions with garlic in the melted butter. After the onions become translucent, the heat must be turned off. The mixture of onion and garlic has to be put inside mashed potatoes along with one egg yolk. After mixing all these ingredients, one has to make small bowls and put them in the mixture of all-purpose flour and then breadcrumbs before frying them.

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* Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are cheesy and very delightful. To make these sinful snacks, one has to take a big block of mozzarella cheese and then cut it into thin and long slices. Now these mozzarella cheese sticks have to be dipped in all-purpose flour batter and then rolled into a lot of breadcrumbs. Prepare as many sticks as you would like and then deep fry them in some smouldering oil. It is important to remember that vegetable oil in the wok should be hot enough to cook mozzarella sticks properly but shouldn't be too hot either as it might lead to the burning of these sticks. As soon as the sticks turn golden in colour, one must take them out of the wok and serve them with some tomato sauce.