5 Common Myths Associated With Whisky, Busted!

Whisky is a beloved liqueur that is popular all over the world. With long rooted history and wide range of flavours, this alcohol has made its way to social gatherings and celebrations. For whisky lovers, it is not just a drink, they call it an experience. Enjoying this lovely spirit is not only about appreciation of the alcohol content but it is also important to focus on minute details like exploring the layers of flavours and aromas that come out with each sip.   

However, the popularity of whisky has also paved the way to several myths about the liqueur. Read on to debunk the top five myths about whisky. 

Myth #1: Older Is Better

Most people believe that whisky only gets better with age. It is a global concept that aged whiskies are always in high demand. However, it is not true with all of them. Barrel-ageing is an important part of making an amazing whisky, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If the liqueur is left to age for too long, it can end up being ‘over-oaked’ and will result in it being bitter.  

Myth #2: Darker Whisky Is Better Whisky

Adding colours or chemicals to this alcohol is usually a big no for reputed distillers. Therefore, the rich amber tone of a good whisky entirely depends on the ageing process in wood casks. Speaking particularly about bourbon, it usually takes on a dark colour, because it’s aged for longer. However, for other types of whisky, this concept doesn’t necessarily work. This is because whisky regulations vary from country to country as there are some places where a small amount of colouring is allowed. Also, increasing the ageing doesn’t guarantee a better whisky.   

Myth #3: Single Is Better Than Blended 

It is a common saying that single malts are better than blended. But is it really? Single malts are whiskies prepared in a single distillery and are known to have a more uniform flavour. While on the other hand, blended whiskies are made by combining with other whiskies or flavours to bring out a more diverse flavour profile. This misconception has prevailed because if the blending is not done right, the flavours can clash and make the whisky a bit discordant. However, if you get it done right, blended whisky can become an art unto itself and can let you experience a unique and unparalleled flavour. 

Myth #4: Sherry Aged Scotch Tastes Like Sherry 

You might get a little confused here. Because whisky aged in casks that used to contain sherry will have a little taste of sherry. But that’s not true. So, if you’ve been ignoring that for this reason, now it's time to rethink. As with other aged whiskies, the main credit for flavours goes to the oak barrels themselves and not the sherry.  

Myth #5: Whisky Is An ‘Old Man Drink’ 

There is no doubt, whisky has developed a reputation as the drink of choice for older men, but the appeal is continuously changing. The amazing tone of fine whisky is quickly pulling alcohol lovers towards itself. Nowadays, whisky cocktails also rule the boozy market, and they are perfect for all kinds of occasions.