5 Chole Bhature Places You Must Not Miss In Delhi
Image Credit: Image: World of Delhi Facebook

Chole Bhature! The name is enough to make you go weak in the knees, isn’t it? A delicious amalgamation of spicy and flavourful chole (chickpeas) with puffy hot bhature make for delightful north Indian meal one can never say no to. Typically, a Punjabi delicacy, chole bhature boasts of earthy Indian spices, laced with boiled chickpeas in a scrumptious mix of tomatoes and onions. An invincible pair with stuffed bhaturas, this north Indian delicacy has earned a place in the global culinary map.

And when you speak of chole bhature, you cannot miss out Delhi’s obsession with it. This is why you’ve got so many eateries in the capital city especially for the wholesome treat. While there must be a chole bhature wala in every locality of Delhi, we've chalked out some of the most popular ones for you

5 Chole Bhature Places In Delhi You Must Try:

1. Sitaram Diwan Chand 

Located in the dingy lanes of Paharganj, Sita Ram serves an exceptionally delicious plate of chole bhature. The legendary place that has been satiating chole bhature lovers since 1950, gives a full plate of chole bhature with two bhaturas and a bowl of chole along with a special aloo sabzi made with diced potatoes and an eclectic mix of spices besides onion rings. It started from a small nook in the central Delhi area but now delivers all across Delhi NCR through its website. Their paneer-stuffed bhaturas are something you wouldn't want to miss!

2. Chache Di Hatti 

Situated amidst the bustling lanes of North Campus of Delhi University, Chache Di Hatti is one place you should reach early morning if you really want to grab a plate or two, for the chole bhature here sells out in no time. Its aloo stuffed bhature, ring of onions, tangy chutney and a bowl of finger-licking chole is sure to get you hooked.

3. Baba Nagpal Corner 

You’d spot everyone from college goers, auto walas to corporate bigwigs at one place waiting for their plate of piping hot chole bhature at Baba Nagpal Corner in Lajpat Nagar. A must-go place for anyone and everyone fond of the delicacy in South Delhi.

4. Om Corner 

Think of thick and creamy chole with pillowy bhature stuffed with a mix of urad dal and red chillies and Om Corner is here to rescue. Didn’t you just slurp?

5. Roshan Di Kulfi 

If you are expecting this to be just a kulfi place, you’re mistaken. This legendary food joint right in the middle of Karol Bagh market has a host of delicacies that can take your taste buds for a ride. Chole bhature are definitely one of the hottest selling dishes on the menu and can be extremely satiating while you are on your shopping spree here next.

So where are you heading next for your next fill?