5 Chicken Recipes For A Loved-Up Valentine’s Day Dinner

As Valentine’s Day is just three days away, we can definitely feel the joy and spirit of love in the air. From heaps of roses being sold everywhere on the first day of Valentine week to promises made to be kept forever today, Valentine week is definitely turning out to be an exciting time for couples. 

As the V-Day approaches, we know you must also be looking for some unique ideas to make your partner feel special. With a wide range of gifting options available at your fingertips, one ought to be confused. However, if you seek our advice, we would most likely suggest food. Just like love, food needs no specific day to celebrate. Hence, if you want to impress your partner with some delicious food, here are five chicken recipes you can try this Valentine's Day.

1. Marry Me Chicken

Intrigued by the name already? Well, if you are planning to take the next step in your relationship, there’s no better dish to tell your partner than this chicken dish.

2. Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast

Planning a continental menu? There’s nothing better than stuffed chicken breast along with a rice dish, some sauteed veggies and sauce on the side.

3. Grilled Chicken

Grilled goodies are always a perfect option for wholesome dinners. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the fun of grilling food on the barbecue is next level altogether. Grill a whole chicken on the barbecue and serve it with sides and a drink and voila!

4. Chicken Kebab

Chicken kebabs paired with green chutney and onion rings - a combination that will surely be loved by every kebab lover. Minced chicken along with a zingy side is the perfect way to impress the love of your life.

5. Chilli Chicken

If the way to your partner’s heart is street food, we think there’s nothing better than chilli chicken to win their heart. The ‘desi Chinese’ delight has managed to win the hearts of foodies around India. The go-to starter is the perfect dish to start your dinner date with.