5 Boozy Ideas To Infuse With Indian Summer Beverages
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Nothing makes for a better relief than having stocked up on bottles of chilled water to make sherbets and fruity drinks, full of zesty flavours to quench the uneasiness that high temperatures bring. If you are fond of consuming your chilled concoctions with just a bit of an adult twist, there are some delicious recipes that elevate a sherbet or panha into a showstopping cocktail. Indian drinks are known for their tangy, spicy and generally complex flavour profiles, adding immense diversity to the concoctions. Every region boasts of its own local fruits and herbs whose juices are harnessed to create refreshing drinks. From the kulukki sarbath to the mango panha to tender coconut water and kokum sherbet, there are numerous summertime drinks which can be given a ‘spirited’ twist at cocktail hour.

Kokum Vodka Cooler

Kokum has a rather tart and almost floral taste, and is a fruit that is plucked, dried and used widely in western India to introduce a bit of acidity into the dish or to make a sherbet out of its syrup for its cooling properties. Turn this everyday sherbet into a stellar cocktail by adding 30 ml of good quality vodka, generous helpings of ice and a tad bit of cumin powder for an elevated zingy finish.

Caribeno Cocktail

Although this drink might echo of a holiday in the Caribbean, it can just as easily be reproduced on Indian shores. Tall coconut trees, brimming with fruit are abundant in India where tender coconut water is considered to be a refreshing drink during the scorching summer days. Add a bit of lime, sugar and rum to craft a thoroughly simple but intelligent cocktail that is tropical in every sip.

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Vodka Panha

The lushness of raw mangoes in the summer is the reason why so many households make panha – a sweet and tangy drink infused with jaggery or sugar and saffron. Making panha is a complicated process but the end result is a truly decadent and chilled drink that is a gentle soother during warmer climes. Make your summer cooler a tad dirty by adding 30 ml of vodka and turn it into a sheer cocktail highlight at the next party you host.

Sherbet Gin Cocktail

Rose sherbet is a very popular and rather inviting drink during summertime because the aroma and flavour of the syrup has multiple cooling and healing properties, helping in beating the sweltering heat. Make a rose sherbet cocktail by putting an ethnic twist on a classic gin and tonic and adding some grenadine syrup, a shot of gin along with tons of ice to the rose concoction.

Jaljeera Mojito

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The tangy-sweet-sour beverage loaded with cumin, dried mint and spices, is the perfect vehicle for a rum-infused fiesta. Amp up the minty freshness with the addition of fresh mint leaves while muddling the rum, and add a dash of limoncello for an extravagant cocktail experience. You could also add some jaljeera powder to the classic mojito recipe while shaking up the drink, for simpler and non-fussy mixing.