5 Best Undhiyu Places In Surat As Recommended By City Foodies
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The moment you mention Gujarati cuisine, a few dishes immediately come to mind. Sure, you are likely to think of Dhokla, Thepla and maybe even some Khandvi and Handvo. But without the mention or taste of Undhiyu, your Gujarati food experience is simply incomplete. For those unaware, Undhiyu is a sort of mixed vegetable dish that is especially served during winters in Gujarat and derives its name from “undhu”, meaning upside down in Gujarati. Now when it comes to this particular dish, it is believed that Surat has the best to offer. 

In fact, while the rest of Gujarat only makes Undhiyu during winter festivals like Makar Sankranti, the dish is served at feasts—even at weddings—in Surat. Packed with veggies like beans, peas, eggplant, raw bananas and potatoes, the standout element in this dish is the muthia or steamed dumpling. The spices for Undhiyu include ginger, garlic, green chillies, coriander (seeds and leaves), cumin and more. To add to the richness of the dish, many people also add freshly grated coconut on top. 

Usually served with roti, puri and with Shrikhand on the side, Undhiyu is the perfect blend of flavours and tastes. And as mentioned before, the best place in Gujarat to eat and enjoy Undhiyu is in Surat. According to Himanshu Chauhan, a local foodie who talks about Surat’s most iconic foods on his Instagram as @suratfoodblogger, the residents of the oldest parts of Surat have been around for generations and always cook Undhiyu in their own homes with recipes passed down the ages. On the other hand, with tourists now flocking to the city, there are plenty of commercial places that serve incredible Undhiyu too. 

Slurrp caught up with some city foodies as well as popular national food bloggers who have explored the city of Surat deeply to understand which are the best places to get a taste of authentic Gujarati Undhiyu. Here are all the recommendations our city foodies gave us. 

1.  G Dada, Adajan Gam; Recommended by Rrupal Samara @foodierupal and Himanshu Chauhan @suratfoodblogger 

Every single city-based foodie and national-level food blogger we talked to had G Dada on the top of their lists, and that’s why it is at the top of ours too. Primarily known to locals as the place to go for the best Surti Chivda and Farsaan, this place offers a select few Gujarati speciality dishes and some thali options too. Their Undhiyu is paired with hot, fluffy puris and the combo is one of the most popular here. But while here, you should also try Lilva and other Kachoris, Patra and Kadhi. 

Must Try: Surti Undhiyu & Puri, Fada Lapsi 

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approx.) 

Location: 17, Green Atria, Sneh Sankul Wadi, Opposite Anand Mahal Road, Adajan Gam, Surat 

Video Credit: YouTube/Your Food Lab

2.  Mansi's Kitchen, Palanpor; Recommended by Rrupal Samara @foodierupal 

As mentioned before, every Surti foodie knows that the best Undhiyu in the city is served at people’s homes and made with love by the matriarchs. So, according to Rrupal Samara,  Mansi’r Kitchen in Palanpor offers the best Undhiyu in town with homemade feels and flavours. This cloud kitchen has a variety of Gujarati seasonal specials on their menu, including Surti Pattice, Farsaan and more. So, order in from here no matter where in the city you may be living. 

Must Try: Surti Undhiyu Special, Surti Pattice  

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approx.) 

Location: A-103 Shreepad Celebrations, Opp. Fire Station, Gauravpath Road, Palanpor, Surat 

3. Kansar Gujarati Thali, Nanpura; Recommended by Gaurav Wasan @youtubeswadofficial and Ashish Shrivastav @foodie_on_enfield 

A traditional ambiance, large Gujarati thalis loaded with seasonal specialities and always crowded with a whole bunch of people waiting to taste their dishes, Kansar is one of the most iconic and must-visit places in the city of Surat for foodies. The Undhiyu here is usually served as a part of the thalis and not as individual dishes paired with puri only, which is why you can explore how the dish tastes with a wide range of Gujarati flatbreads. Apart from the Undhiyu, their thalis are also loaded with plenty of other seasonal dishes that are must-haves.   

Must Try: Undhiyu, Khaman Dhokla, Aamras Puri 

Price For Two: Rs 300 (approx.) 

Location: A Wing, President Plaza, Near R.T.O, Nanpura, Surat 

4. Sasumaa's, Nanpura; Recommended by Gaurav Wasan @youtubeswadofficial and Ashish Shrivastav @foodie_on_enfield 

One of the most popular places for Gujarati thalis in the city, this restaurant serves authentic Undhiyu as a part of their thalis during winters especially. This one is a dish that most flock to the restaurant for, but while there, people also fall in love with their wide range of Gujarati farsaan and traditional dishes like Kathod, Halvo, Kadhi and Khichdi too. Make sure you get the full Gujarati thali experience while here. 

Must Try: Undhiyu, Kathod 

Price For Two: Rs 500 (approx.) 

Location: Mangaldeep Complex, Ring Road, Near Old RTO Office, Nanpura, Surat 

5. Goras Gujarati Thali, Athwa Lines; Recommended by Gaurav Wasan @youtubeswadofficial and Ashish Shrivastav @foodie_on_enfield 

Another popular thali place in Surat, Goras used to have two branches in the city where foodies could go to for a taste of many authentic Surati dishes like Undhiyu, Kathod, Locho and more. With only one operational branch now, Goras still manages to capture the taste buds of foodies who are visiting Surat. Apart from the delicious Undhiyu here, you should also try their farsaan and snacks, along with Gujarati sweets too.  

Must Try: Unlimited Thali, Tiffin Pack 

Price For Two: Rs 850 (approx.) 

Location: President Plaza, Athwagate, Ring Road, Opposite Vanita Vishram Ground, Nanpura, Surat 

So, while these are some of the most popular picks for Undhiyu in Surat, you are likely to find it featured across the city as a part of Gujarati thali meals in most restaurants. If you want to explore more options than these, try Jalaram Khichdi, Majura Gate; Chundadi Restaurant, Mota Varachha; and Shreeji Restaurant, Adajan Gam. Of course, if you have a local foodie friend whose family makes the dish at home, don’t give up the chance to taste the Undhiyu there either.